Wireless Internet - How Safe Is It?

It is a service that grants the user access to Internet e-mail or to the World Wide Web, vides wireless networks. Nowadays computers that are on the internet are often bombarded with viruses and malware
– so that the question of wireless internet security and wireless computer security crops up. Users have to employ antivirus software to secure their wireless internet and wireless internet connections. Anti-spam programmes are used to counter email inboxes overflowing with useless spam; but still there are a myriad adware and spyware programmers monitoring the user’s wire less internet activity.
How safe is the Wireless Internet
There are quite a few risks associated with wireless internet connections. While the more benign among the spyware and adware programmers monitor the sites that the user visits on the web simply to be able to assess the success of their marketing efforts and identify the web-surfing habits of wire less internet users, there are types of spyware that go beyond these limits. They undermine the user’s wireless internet security, by carefully monitoring the keystrokes and actually capturing passwords and other functions. This surely crosses the line and poses a very definite wireless computer security risk. In order to achieve a secure wireless internet connection, here are A Few Easy Steps That The User Could Learn To Protect Himself From Such Programmes:
Be Cautious and Careful While Downloading:
Insidious and unscrupulous programmes usually have their origins in insidious and unscrupulous websites. Far better that the user browses reputable websites for instance like tucows.com or download.com, if he is seeking to download a freeware or a shareware program.
Read the EULA or the End User License Agreement:
It is quite an important part of a computer security wireless connection. It is to do with all of the legal and technical jargon that one reads in the box above the radio buttons, dealing with phrases like “No, I do not accept” or like “Yes, I do accept the terms mentioned ,” which many users do not really read, and click “yes” to avoid the nuisance of going through it all. The fact is that the user may have unwittingly entered into a legal agreement - or EULA - with the spy ware vendor, when he clicks on “yes” and he may have just agreed to the installation of a spy ware program that would not be entirely to his liking. Far better to make use of the “No, I do not accept“this option in such cases.
Read The Matter Before Clicking
Sometimes, while visiting a website, a pop-up test box may appear on the screen. Just like the EULA, many users may consider this a nuisance and may click just so that the box may vanish from the screen. And the user may have just clicked “yes” or “ok” to the installation of a spy ware program. Agreed, while there may not be a direct request to the user asking for permission to install a spy ware program, there is all the more reason to stop and read all the matter before the user clicks “yes.”
Make Sure That The System Is Protected:
The term antivirus software is much misnamed nowadays. Viruses make up only a fraction of the vast malicious code that these programs protect the user’s wireless internet connection from. The term antivirus has now grown and expanded to include vulnerability exploits, worms, spy ware, even ad ware, jokes, hoaxes, and Trojans. The user could contemplate trying a product like Ad Aware Pro, which could protect his system from spy ware/ad ware - in case the antivirus product that he is currently using does not detect and block spy ware programs.
Scan the System
Sometimes, even with all the firewalls, and antivirus software, some spy ware or ad ware may break through and reach the user’s system. While a good product like Ad Aware Pro would monitor and protect the system in real time, it also costs money. Lava soft, who are the makers of Ad Aware Pro, also have a product for free personal use. While it does not monitor the system in real time, it can be manually used periodically to scan the system so as to detect and remove any spy ware. Spybot Search & Destroy is another excellent product that is available for free.


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