How to hack a facebook account. all tricks listed.

Facebook hacking
Facebook accounts have a large demands for hacking as they are much more personal than any other email accounts. The Facebook accounts are also safer than any other thing on the net and thus it is really hard to hack them. But, as there are hacks and cracks for everything on the net. Here are we with some of the best Ideas and tricks to hack a facebook account.
Facebook accounts have a hell of a work to do and much more to be followed but the tricks here are much simpler. You may also need access to the victim’s computer to be able to do that. One of the important things that you may also need to know is that the facebook accounts allow only three accounts and also you need to have only two trials in one average day.
The tricks that you need to do always include that you should be a friend of the victim on facebook and also you need access to its profile. It is harder if the victim have locked his/her facebook profile to all of the friends only. Also facebook hacking is only possible if you are able to understand some codes and also know how to write some. Here are the original facebook hacking tricks on blogogeek.
So, trying to hack a facebook account is actually not so hard. Actually, maybe it just needs some of the wits and social info of the victim.
Here we go:


How to hack a facebook account?

There are three ways in which you can hack somebody’s facebook account. Listed below are the tricks:

#1 : Key Logger : Ofcourse, the name is new to you. Actually, it is a hacking software available for free and known to some tech-pros only. What the software actually does is only record the keystrokes of the victims keyboard and thus reveals you the password of your enemy. Even, you can go for the keystrokes and come to know the password very easily.
Now, you need to access to the personal computer in which the user access his/her facebook account. Maybe, it is difficult, but believe me, it is excellent when you use it on a cyber cafe. So, start hacking now with this wonderful tool.

#2 : Phishing : This trick is way harder than the previous trick and is still more effective in all ways. This is not so easy as it looks. What you need to do is to be excellent in coding (PHP, Java, Forms and HTML). Thus, this one is not for starters. But, you can still try it out by placing your form ( For example: Login form) for your hack on a google sites page or any other part of your blog.
The phishing scam is way to effective and useful as it doesn’t leaves you with clues but the original password. The phishing pages have a login form on them or even the whole layout looks like the facebook login page, when the victim tries to login to his account through that login form. It makes one of the copy of the entered data to the hackers account or mail and even redirects it to the Facebook page without leaving any evidence.

#3 : The Primary mail hack : If you want to hack the account of your very close friend. Then, why don’t you start with this trick. The trick includes you to enter the primary mail ID as your personal mail Id so that you can have access to the mail anytime you want and anyhow you want. You may even need the user/victim to enter your mail Id in the primary mail.
Thus, whenever you want access, you can click on forgot password and also use the email conformation link in your mail account.

So, these were some of the most liked and shared tricks of Facebook hacking, if you want any of the tricks a little to the next step. Please contact us. We are pretty sure that you know now how to hack a facebook account. Thanks for reading and keep coming :)


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