How To Scure Hacking Facebook And Twitter On Shared Computers.

Have You Ever accessed Facebook or Twitter in cyber cafe's or your office or your school? If Yes then there are chances that your Facebook or twitter account was hacked then and there. By the teacher, your boss or the cafe owner. 

I've discussed just this trick here. You don't need to be a programming expert from that, anyone with basic knowledge of computers can do it. 
First there's a thing maybe you have noticed already that whenever you open Facebook or twitter the web address is like ""  and whenever you have browsed GMAIL note the difference. its like "". So as you have seen Gmail uses a secure server to conncet to the net, while Facebook or twitter do not. 

So what you need to do is:
Download the below plugin from the below link
Download Plugin

Once Installed A sidebar would open on your Firefox browser. So that whenever people login into there account, you can easily login into there account too. The thing is that the computers must be connected through data-cable, Wifi like in cyber cafe's.
Enjoy this little hacking. And please pass comments.


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