How to hack paypal account by using paypal hacking software

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru ,
n my previous post I've been showing How to Hack PayPal Accounts using Fake Login Page. In this article i will show you how to hack PayPal accounts using PayPal hacking software.

This tutorial is written by Saint Andrew, a loyal reader of this blog.

Note: Hacking credit cards or Bank accounts like PayPal is an illegal act, this is only informational post and I am not responsible for any actions done by you after reading this tutorial. This post is for educational purposes only.

This is fake PayPal Money Adder software to help you bind your keylogger or whatever Trojan server you have. This PayPal Money Adder software seems to be used to Add some Money to your PayPal Account, but actually this is fake PayPal Money Adder software used only as means for installing Trojan Server binded with it on victim computer.
PayPal Money Adder to bind your Trojan Server

1. Download link of Fake PayPal Money Adder is HERE

2. PayPal Money Adder is free fake application which appears to hack PayPal Accounts, now run .exe application to see something like this:

Note: PayPal Money Adder is a FAKE application. It doesn’t add any money to your PayPal Account. It is only used to fool victim and to bind your Trojan server.

3. When you open this, there is a TextBox to type your PayPal Email, and you have to select how much money you want to Add. After that, click on Send Money, and Progress Bar will start.

4. When Progress Bar is full, it will says “Money Has Been Added to your Account Successfully “ as in the Picture below, but it wont add any money to your Account !!!

5. So that is one fake PayPal Money Adder, not one real !!!

6. Now create a keylogger or whatever server (like stealer or RAT), crypt it, and bind with this application. You can use Shock Labs File Binder or Easy Binder. You can find some binders on this blog, just search for it !!!

7. Now, send this binded PayPal Money Adder to your victim and tell him this PayPal Money Adder is used to Add Money to PayPal Accounts. You can use Social Engineering for this. So as long as he runs PayPal Money Adder on his computer, your keylogger server is installed on his computer.

8. Many other Fake Hacking Tools are coming soon, like AlertPay Money Adder, Skype Money Adder, Ultimate Password Cracker, Neobux Hacker and other!!! 


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