how to Hack Coca Cola Machine

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru ,
Here i am going to show you a real way to hack Coca-Cola machines, not that string on a dollar crap.

NOTE: These hacks/methods will ONLY work on Coca-Cola Co. machines (especially their older models) and no other companies. Also, referring to navigation... 1 is the top button, 2 is the second button down, 3 is the third button down, 4 is the fourth button down and so on (I'm talking about the machines that have vertical button options not those big fat buttons which go horizontal).

OK, lets start...

Method 1:

This method (hack) will give you access to any coca-cola (and only coca-cola) machine's menu. From inside the menu you can change the price of a coke from a $1.50 to 0.25 cents and so on...

Step One:

First of all, hit the buttons 4, 2, 3, 1 . Now you're in and have accessed the machines menu!

Step Two:

Navigate and play around!

This is how you navigate through the menu:

1 = Back
2 = Up
3 = Down
4 = Select

Method 2:

This method (hack) should give you free change (seriously).

Step One:

Hold the change button down... nothing will happen, this is to be expected.

Step Two:

Press the following buttons going from left to right in order:

4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1

Step Three:

Hold the change button down for about 15-25 seconds, and if you've done it right than you should get some free change!

Method 3:

This method will get you a key to actually open the lock on coke machines. This method is actually more social engineering than it is a hack, but o well.

Step One:

Go to a nearby computer store and either tell them that you have lost the key to your 'Security Laptop Computer Lock' and that you will need to buy a new key, or you could just buy the lock too, they really come in handy. Anyways, the key that comes with those type of locks is an exact match of the key that most coca-cola machines use.
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