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How to get Facebook Messenger for Windows right now

The official Facebook Messenger app for Windows has been leaked. Here's how to get it.
Facebook Messenger for Windows has just leaked, giving users an unintended preview of the upcoming dedicated chat client from Facebook.
A download link to a private version of Facebook Messenger has been posted by TechIT, as reported on The Verge.
Here's a some screenshots of the app.
Click to enlarge
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
You will have access to chat, ticker and Facebook notifications. The best way to describe it is to take the right side of the Facebook Web site (where ticker and chat are located), rip it out off the page, add notifications and put into a stand alone app.
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
Your chats are tabbed along the bottom, and you can chat as you would expect from any dedicated desktop chat app.
Download and install the app at your own risk, since this is a beta, an unofficial one at that, chances are you will run into issues. You will need to be on Windows 7 in order to install the preview.
Download Facebook Messenger for Windows.

How to make the perfect Facebook cover photo on your iPhone

Facebook Timeline lets you set a cover photo, along with a profile photo. Creating a perfect photo can be a chore, but this iPhone app sets out to make it as easy as possible.
Getting creative with your Facebook cover photo for your Timeline can be difficult. What size do you make it? How can you incorporate your profile picture into the cover? You see all of these creative covers on other profiles, and want to follow suit.
So, where do you begin? Well, you can begin with our guide to customizing your cover photo. If, after reading that post over, you're still looking for a simpler way to create your cover photo, look no further than your iPhone.
As Mashable reported earlier this week, Facebook Cover Designer (available from iTunes) aims to help you make the best Facebook cover photo you can. The app itself is free, with an in-app upgrade of 99 cents available that unlocks some extra features. Here's a quick rundown of how the app works.
Click to enlarge
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
You can either take a photo directly in the app, or you can import a photo from your camera roll, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, or Instagram.
Click to enlarge
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
Once you have selected a photo you can crop and adjust the photo. You can select whether you want the profile picture to be included in your creation, or if you want to simply create a cover.
If you opt for the former, you will need to fork over a dollar to upgrade to the Pro version of the app. Doing so will also unlock some "Pro" filters for you to apply to the photo before you upload it.
Click to enlarge
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
After cropping and adjusting the photo, you can apply a filter to the photo.
Click to enlarge
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
Once you are happy with your photo, you can upload it to Facebook. You will see a progress bar as the app uploads your cover, as well as profile picture.
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
In my experience with the app, uploading a photo (either a standalone cover, or cover with profile picture included) did not change my cover and profile picture on Facebook itself--it only uploaded them. I then had to log in to my Facebook account and manually change my cover and profile picture to the uploaded photo or photos.

How to create a Facebook cover photo on your Android device

Finding the perfect cover photo for your Facebook Timeline while on the go seems near impossible. Using an Android app, you can upload and create your Facebook cover photo directly from your Android device.
Shortly after posting about how to create a Facebook cover photo on the iPhone, I found an Android app that allows you to create and upload a cover photo straight from an Android device.
The app, Facebook Timeline Covers: D33P, is free. Once you upload your cover photo creation, however, it will be stamped with a watermark promoting the app. Let's take a look at how the app works.
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
The app has a straightforward approach; after launching and allowing the app to access your Facebook account, you cap tap on either the blank cover photo or profile picture to choose which section you would like to edit.
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
You can browse some user-generated cover photos, or take a photo from your Facebook News Feed, a photo from either your or your friends' Facebook photos, or a photo from your Android device.
(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
Once you've chosen your cover photo and/or a profile picture, you're allowed to preview what it will look like as a finished product on Facebook (minus the watermark, which is conveniently not shown until after you upload your cover photo).

(Credit: Screenshot by Sukhjinder Pal Singh)
You will need to log in to your Facebook account, view the album(s) the app has created for you, and set the newly uploaded photos as either your cover or profile picture, respectively.
A word to the wise: if you aren't going to change your profile picture, just leave the profile pic section blank in the app. If you don't, you will have a new album created with your profile picture being duplicated each time you upload a cover.

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