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Hacking Safety And Security

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Password Safety,General (but important) Tips

1Create Strong Passwords

Ideally, passwords should be over 8 characters long. They should use a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. The more random the password, the harder it is to crack. More on this shortly.
Weak Password: johndoe
Much stronger: J0hn*Do3

2Update Your Password Often

The more often you update your passwords, the less likely that you'll be to fall victim to hacking.

3Never Use Common Passwords

Your partner's name, child's name, pet's name, sports team, last four digits of your social security number, city, college, date of birth, or common words/combinations like "god", "love", "password", "1234", or "qwerty" are all the first thing a hacker will guess.

4Use Different Password for Different Websites

If you use the same password for your online banking as for your sports chat forum, you are opening yourself up to an attack. Hackers will never target websites with strong security systems like your bank. Instead they will aim for smaller sites like forums or e-commerce sites. If they can attain those passwords, the chances of them having your banking password suddenly skyrockets.
You may be saying, "but how would they get me forum password?". A simple "brute force" attack in which a server is bombarded with thousands of possible passwords for your account are very common. To a hacker it is as simple as telling a program to do it in the background while he watches TV. And these programs are very common, easily downloadable from a number of websites.
You may be saying, "But how do they know what my username is on these websites?". Finding your login ID on these sites is generally as easy as going through your cookies or web browser's cache. Most insecure website will routinely leave this information unencrypted. And if you've ever used a public computer, you're essentially handing that information over, as if it wasn't easy enough to get!
So do yourself a favor and use different passwords for different websites. Clear your cache and cookies often, and be very prudent when using public computers.

Password Cracking Explained

There are a number of ways in which a hacker can get your passwords. The most common is a "brute force attack", in which a hacker simply slams a website with thousands of possible passwords for an account until one is accepted.
In a brute force hacking attack, three simple character changes is the difference between 2.23 hours and 2.21 years to crack your password. For a standard 7 letter password with just lower case letters, there are 8,031,810,176 possible combinations. That may seem like a lot, yet it would only take 2.23 hours to crack such a password using password cracking programs easily available over the web. Adding just 1 number, 1 upper case letter, and 1 symbol results in the password taking 2.21 years to crack.

Frequently Asked Questions

helpHow can I test my password strength?

We recommend using a utility such as Microsoft's Password Strength Checked. If your password doesn't register as "Strong" or "Best", change it right away!.

helpWhich passwords should I update?

All of your passwords! The password you use for less important sites like forums or e-commerce sites are just as important as the passwords you use for your online banking or your website's FTP.

helpHow often should I update my passwords?

The more often you update it the better, but being realistic, we would recommend updating your passwords at the very least every 2-3 months.

helpWhat else can I do?

Never type your password into any website that you don't know. This includes websites designed to create encrypted hashes of your passwords: many hackers create their dictionary of brute force attack options using these websites, and while they may appear useful on the surface, they most certainly are not.

helpBut this won't happen to me, right?

It could and does happen to people like you all the time. On February 18th, the Washington Post reported that over 75,000 systems were hacked in 1 day. This included 2,500 companies in the USA. Hackers don't discriminate: whether you're a small or big company, they will do whatever it takes to make life difficult on you. No one is immune: Google (article), Twitter (article), and Baidu (article) have all been successfully attacked.



How to Keep Your Data Safe From Hacking in the Cloud

With Apple's recent iCloud announcement, the already burgeoning world of cloud computing got more crowded and picked up an an added measure of cool.
So, as a consumer who wants to be hip and cool and take advantage of technology, where does that leave you? And given all the recent data breaches from a broad collection of very high-profile companies, including Sony and another from Citi just today, should you entrust your data to a cloud, whether it's Apple's, Microsoft's or Google's?
Since Apple's offering isn't even available yet, it's too soon to compare the collection, but Graham Cluley, one of the most prominent Internet safety experts, offered dealnews some insight into how to view the cloud services and protect your information.
"Consumers need to remember that their data is only as safe as the guards they put in place to protect it," says Cluley, senior technology consultant for the security firm Sophos. "So, some of these cloud-based services may have very good security to fend off hackers — but if you are using an easy-to-guess or simple-to-crack password then you might as well be defending your data with tissue paper."
While some recent hacks and security vulnerabilities have been exposed, Cluley said more often user error is the big problem.
"It comes down to a question of balance," he says. "Do you think you can do a better job of securing your data on your own computer than sharing it with a third party on their website?"
The cloud, he explains, clearly will have more appeal to consumers than to businesses — particularly given the recent high-profile breaches. But even home users, he cautions, could be frightened of this third-party storage because of the how much attention the breaches have gotten.
"The more headlines we read about embarrassing hacks and data losses, the more users will lose confidence in trusting a third party to look after their data," he says.
His suggestion if you are going to make use of the clouds for data storage: encryption.
"Of course, if you securely encrypt your data before you share it with a third party, you are ensuring that even if hackers do manage to break in, they won't be able to do anything with your data as it will appear to be gobbledygook," he says.
Alternatively, if you only put up data — such as music — that you wouldn't be hurt by if it came into someone else's hands, there's far less at stake.
In the event you are affected by a breach, here's some guidance for how to handle the situation.

HowTo: Crack a Windows 7 / XP or Vista Password With Ophcrack Live CD

Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a GTK+ Graphical User Interface and runs on Windows, Mac OS X (Intel CPU) as well as on Linux.

Extremely impressed at the ease and speed with which the Ophcrack Live CD cracked my Windows admin password when I tested it out last a few weeks ago, I thought it might be useful to throw together a quick guide detailing how to use this powerful little utility.
Crack a MS- Windows 7 / XP / Vista password with Ophcrack Live CD
Crack a MS- Windows 7 / XP / Vista password with Ophcrack Live CD
Whether you need to recover the lost password to a Windows account, you're looking to ensure that your passwords are secure, or you're a super l33t h4x0r, the Ophcrack Live CD is a pretty useful tool.

How to Crack Windows 7 Password with 3 Top Password Crackers?

Creating a Windows 7 logon password can be rather simple, but forgetting the password will be frustrating and bring you lots of troubles. How to crack Windows 7 logon password when you forgot it? Here are 3 top Windows 7 password crackers for overcoming your lost or forgotten Windows 7 password problems.
3 Windows 7 password crackers comparsion:
Features Windows Password Breaker Windows Password Unlocker Ophcrack
Size 3MB 23MB 496MB
Interface DOS GUI GUI
Safe safe safe safe
Crack time a few minutes a few minutes minutes to hours
Crack rate 100% 100% not sure
Price $29.95 $29.95 free

1. Crack Windows 7 password with Windows Password Breaker

Windows Password Breaker is a popular Windows 7 password reset tool. You can create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash driver with it to reset forgotten Windows 7 administrator and other users password. It can reset password with 100% rate and no damage to your computer data and settings. 4 steps to crack Windows 7 password:
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional.
Step 2: Burn a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the program.
Step 3: Boot your locked computer from the burned CD/DVD or USB.
Step 4: Reset Windows 7 password to blank.
crack windows 7 password
After that, you can log on your computer without typing password. The detailed Windows Password Breaker Professional user guide is also available.

2. Crack Windows 7 password with Windows Password Unlocker

Windows Password Unlocker is efficient Windows 7 password recovery software available for you. Similar to Windows Password Breaker, it also allows you to burn a bootable password recovery CD/DVD/USB flash drive to instantly crack Windows 7 password.
It comes with intuitive GUI and allows you to complete password crack within a few clicks. So this application is especially favored by those who have little computer knowledge. Of course, its password recovery rate is also 100% guaranteed.
windows 7 password cracker
See how to use this cracker Windows Password Unlocker Professional.

3. Crack Windows 7 password with Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker that cracks Windows 7 password by using LM hashes through rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms. Please note that passwords greater than 14 characters cannot be cracked:
Step 1: Download ophcrack Vista LiveCD for Windows 7.
Step 2: Burn the Ophcrack ISO image file to CD.
Step 3: Insert the CD in your locked computer and reboot computer from CD.
Step 4: After Ophcrack starts, locates the Windows user accounts, select one account and press the "Crack" button to crack password.
windows 7 password crack
Note: It takes minutes to hours to figure out your password without 100% rate.
When you happened to forget Windows 7 password, you can choose one password cracker above to reset password.

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