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How To Reset, Retrieve Windows User Password

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
You can get in to any user account if you are using window administrative account its a simple methord !
STEP 3 . RUN “mmc” – Microsoft Management Console
There u get a new NEW WINDOW – name Console
STEP 6. Click ” Add..” – (Child window)
STEP 7. “Add Local User and Groups ” From the category
Now u can see all USER account
STEP 10. Right Click on any user u want to change !
STEP 11. Choose ” Set Passoword
STEP 12. Type NEWPASSWORD – and click OK !
Process Over ! Now you can Logout …. then Login with other user ( that u change password ) with New password !

Learn How to Hack a Website and Increase your Security

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Hacking a website or its member section! First of all, why you want to hack a webpage? Is it a certain webpage or any site at all?
There are many reasons to hack a website, or a webmaster. Maybe you want to take a revenge or maybe you want to have fun or just learn how to do it!
You can deface the website which means replace the original index with a new one or you can gain access to the member area of the site which might be easier.


You can deface the site through telnet or your browser by running remote commands on an old or misconfigured server, the hard thing to do is find an old server , maybe a network of a school or university would do, get a CGI BUG searcher. This program will scan ranges of IPs for web-servers and will scan them for known bugs in their cgis or other bugs and holes. You can learn how to exploit a certain hole by adding in Goolge the name of the bug/hole and the word exploit, search for “cmd.exe exploit“. There are more than 700 holes that many servers might have!
You can also deface a website by finding the ftp password and just browse through the sites ftp and replace the index.htm. You do that with Brute force technology.

Brute forcing:

To do that you need a “brute forcer” or “brute force attacker” and some word lists, the brute forcer sends multiple user/pass requests of words that picks up from name lists and tries to hack the account until it does! So let’s say imagine a site that asks for a password, you go there you copy their address, you add the address in a program called brute forcer and then from the brute forcer you choose a text file with names to be used as usernames and a text with names to be used as passwords, the brute forcer will try until it finds a correct user/pass. This should be easier for the newbies than exploiting cgi bugs, many of the newbies haven’t even heard of it.
I hope I didn’t confuse you with this tutorial there might be more tuts about web hacking and cgi bugs and such. Till then try to find the way to cgi bugs yourself with the cgi scanners in the Web Hacks section or download a brute forcer to crack accounts.


Please don’t ask for any kind of downloading links.., try to Google it! I am sure you will find it…


This article is for educational purposes only. iCyse is no way responsible for any misuse of the information. All the information on this site are meant for developing Hacker Defense attitude among the users and help preventing the hack attacks.

How to edit saved password in Firefox

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
All it can do is to display the site, username and password in a password listing. The option is available under Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords.
There are at least two scenarios where the password manager becomes impracticable to use. Some websites disable password saving in the browser which means that the site profile is incomplete, and since there is no option to add the password manually afterwards Firefox cannot provide its full functionality on the site.

It may also happen that website login information change and that the browser does not pick them up automatically. It is again not possible to edit the data to correct the issue.
Saved Password Editor for Firefox adds options to edit login information in the Firefox web browser. It improves the password manager by adding options to edit all login information, create new login profiles and to clone a profile.

The options are added to the saved passwords manager. The information presented have been extended as well so that not only the website, username and password are displayed but also login related information.

The add-on supports web form, HTTP authentication and misc logins which offer different editing options. Web forms for instance record the submit prefix, username and password field name in addition to the host, username and password. These information are needed to submit the login information to the server. Firefox usually fills them out automatically when the password is saved though, and the guess from current page button can be used to retrieve the values from the page as well which is helpful when new login profiles are created.
All parameters can be edited in the password editor which means that it is possible to add a password if it was blocked by the website during creation.
Saved Password Editor ( Download Now! )

How To Listen to your Favorite Music From Any Computer or Android Phone

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Mougg offers space online to store 1 GB of music, then allows you to listen to your music from anywhere with an internet connection. While they do not have an App for Blackberry or iPhone (yet), the service works very well with Andriod phones.

To start upload and listening to music, click the green sign up button at the top right of the page.
A small window opens in the bottom left of the screen. Enter your name, email and a password, then click create to register.
Mougg works much like iTunes, with a left-hand control menu, and a built-in music player at the top of the screen.

To upload music, click the Upload Music link under Library on the left side of the screen.

A small black window opens on the bottom right of the screen. Click Browse and start opening your music files. As files upload, they appear in a list beneath theBrowse button.

Once uploaded, you can see and play all of your files by clicking the My Music button the left-hand menu.
To create playlists, click Playlist Name and enter a name for your playlist. Then click the green plus-sign. The name of the playlist is then added under your My Playllistmenu.
To add songs to the playlist, simply drag them from your My Music menu to the playlist’s name.
Once organized and uploaded, you can access your music from any computer by visiting Mougg.com. Android users will find an app for Mougg in the App marketplace.

The service has received good customer reception, with even a nod from Rolling Stone magazine.
URL: http://www.mougg.com/

A “Browser for the Social Networking Generation” – Skyfire Debuts 3.0 for Android

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Skyfire, the mobile browser that brought Flash video to the iPad,iPhone and Android mobile devices, is unveiling version 3.0 for Android today. This latest version of Skyfire, dubbed the “Facebook edition”, offers a seriously slick social media integration that, quite honestly, we would like to see on our desktop.
The key to the new version of Skyfire lies in the “Skyfire bar”, a bar of icons that rests at the bottom of the browser. From this bar, users can easily “Like” any page they visit and share it via Facebook, Twitter or email. That’s simple enough, though, right?
Two features we really dig, however, are “Fireplace Feed Reader” and “Popular Content”. The first one provides a list of links, images and videos posted by your Facebook friends, meaning all the random status updates and musings are left for later – this is just the meat of your Facebook feed. “Popular Content”, on the other hand, looks at whatever page you’re on and cross references it with Facebook to see what other pages on that site are popular with Facebook’s 500+ million users. Pages shared by your friends float to the top, with the rest of the suggestions listed by overall popularity.

Skyfire’s “OneTouch Search” also looks pretty slick, as you can search from the mobile browser and choose to focus that search on Google, Facebook, VideoSurf, Digg, Twitter or Amazon, all from a simple navigation bar.
Now, when we say we wish we had a browser like this for the desktop, you might retort “What about RockMelt?” RockMelt, however, simply added standard Facebook functionality onto the edges of your browser. Skyfire’s new functionality sets it apart. There is no quick and apparent way on the Facebook website to just see all the content – the links, videos and images – posted by your friends. There’s also no way to navigate to NYTimes.com and see what the most popular stories are, according to your Facebook friends. But now there is – for Android users, at least.
Take a look at the video overview and go get yourself a free copy before time runs out – Skyfire 3.0 is available free for a limited time in the Android Marketplace.

How To Call Your Facebook Friends for Free through Vonage Mobile App

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Recently, Vonage has launched a new mobile app for Facebook users. It lets you make free mobile calls to Facebook friends who also have this app. The service works over Wi-Fi as well as 3G and 4G networks. It is available for iPhone, iPod touch and Andriod  devices.
You can download the free app from the iTunes Store, Android Market or from here. Enter your Facebook ID and password for the first time. You don’t need to load up your contact list. It is already there. The app provides a cloud based directory of your contacts. Friends will be grouped into those who can be called for free and those who are available for instant messaging. A Vonage logo will appear next to the names of friends who have downloaded this app.
most of us have multiple mobile number
. It is hard to remember them always. This app fixes this problem too. You don’t have to manage them. Instead, you can touch a friend’s name from the list to make a free call. You don’t need to be online either. It basically eliminates the traditional dialing process. While calling, friend’s profile picture and status update the display on the screen. You can receive the incoming Vonage calls, even if the app is closed.

How Can You Prevent or Fix an Overheating Laptop?

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking

How Do You Know Your Laptop Is Overheating?

A sure sign that your notebook gets too hot is when your fan always runs at maximum speed. You may also experience reduced performance because the CPU cuts back its clock speed to escape heat pressure. Moreover, the fail safe software may trigger a sudden shutdown to prevent hardware damage.

What Causes Overheating?

In two words: insufficient cooling.

The reasons include dust blocking intake grills or exhaust ports, a clocked up fan, or a degenerated thermal grease (aka thermal compound) between the heat sink and the CPU.

How Can You Prevent or Fix an Overheating Laptop?

There are several hardware fixes that can cure overheating.

1. Fix Internal Cooling

The first and most important thing you need to do when your laptop is overheating, is to clean the fan/s that provide/s cooling to the CPU and graphics card. Over time they build up layers of dust and dirt that slow them down and block flow of air. Consult your laptop’s manual or manufacturer to find out how you can open the laptop to access and clean these parts.
Before you attempt to do any cleaning, however, follow these steps:
  • shut down the computer.
  • remove the battery.
  • unplug the power strip.
  • ground yourself
Carefully clean the fan/s with a cotton swab dipped in a drop of alcohol. Make sure the alcohol has completely evaporated before you reconnect the laptop to the power. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt that clocks up the fan/s. To prevent damage to the fan, do not let it revolve in the wrong direction. If you want to use canned air to clean the fan, arrest the fan by holding it down.

Next, you can clean the exhaust port by sucking out air with a vacuum cleaner. The exhaust port usually sits on the side of the laptop. It’s the opening that blows out hot air.
The intake grills are small openings that allow air to be sucked into the laptop by the revolving fans. They can sit on the sides or at the bottom of your notebook. To clear the intake grills, spray them with canned air.
Finally, you can apply fresh thermal grease to the interface between the CPU and its heat sink. Again, please consult the laptop’s manual or manufacturer to obtain instructions on how to disassemble these components.
Inside My Laptop has some great tutorials on how to fix your laptop, including  How to apply thermal greese into laptop processor

2. Keep The Laptop On A Hard & Flat Surface

Most laptops suck in cooling air through their bottoms. If the laptop sits on an uneven surface like a blanket, pillow, or your lap, the flow of air into the laptop is disturbed. Subsequently, the cooling is not optimal, heat builds up, the surface becomes hot, the temperature of sucked in cooling air increases, and eventually the laptop overheats.
This scenario is easily avoided by keeping the laptop on a hard and flat surface. You can use something as simple as a tray or get a special laptop holder or lap stand.

3. Invest In A Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers are meant to provide additional cooling. However, getting the wrong cooler can actually make the problem worse. Before you purchase a cooler, you need to understand the flow of air into and out of your laptop.

As mentioned above, most laptops suck in air for cooling from the bottom. This makes sense because warm air rises upwards. However, a cooler that sits underneath the laptop and sucks air away from it, does not contribute to laptop cooling and rather causes a more rapid overheating.
If your laptop has intake grills at its bottom, purchase a cooler that blows cool air upwards, i.e. into the laptop. You can also get a passive cooler that does not consume power and merely absorbs heat.

What Are Potential Software Fixes?

If none of the hardware fixes result in lasting improvements, you can also revert to software fixes that address the performance and power usage of your laptop. However, addressing excessive heat with a software fix means you give up performance in favor of preserving the hardware.
You can either reduce the brightness of your screen or reduce the CPU clock speed. In Windows, underclocking or undervolting is done in the BIOS, but can also be controlled through software tools. Consult the Undervolting Guide on the Notebook Review forum for more information about this procedure.

The Top 3 Signs Your Laptop Is Overheating

Finally, let’s lighten this up a little. This list was inspired by a Top 11 list on BBSpot.
  • You’ve downclocked the CPU so much that the Commodore 64 team is overtaking you on Folding@Home
  • Frodo tosses the one ring into your keyboard.
  • Al Gore shows up to kick your ass.
How often do you clean your laptop to prevent it from overheating? Do you have any additional tips and tricks to share?

How to Protect your browser(Chromium) with password

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Browser’s history are very confidential stuffs and any unauthorized access to these can be fatal. If you are a chrome user you can now safeguard your data by protecting it with a password using Simple Startup Password extension.
Simple Startup Password is a very simple plugin that protect your browser with startup password.

Soon after you install the extension navigate to   to Settings -> Tools –>Extensionsand look for Simple Startup Password . To setup the password click on option. Set a password for your browser but make sure you type in correct password before hitting enter because there is no field to re-enter the password.

Now each time you open Google Chrome you will be asked to authenticate yourself. If you fail to provide the password the browser will close. There is no way in which you can recover the password and thus by any chance you forget your password you will have to reinstall it.


  1. You need to be very sure before you set your password as there is no way you can check whether you have typed in correctly.
  2. If you forgot your password by any chance there is no way you can recover it and you will have to reinstall your browser.
  3. The password field is not masked and any one sitting with you will be able to see the password.
  4. If you are quick enough you will be able to press the bookmark button and see all the bookmarks before the plugin loads.

Download: Simple Startup Password

How to Set Graphical Passwords For Firefox

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Secure passwords have one big disadvantage: They are hard, and sometimes even impossible to remember, especially if different secure passwords are created for each web and local service. We all know some basic rules for secure passwords, like making sure that they do not contain dictionary words or words that have a special meaning to the user, have a minimum length that is considered to be secure these days and use a selection of all available characters. Password managers have been created to provide computer users with tools to generate and store passwords, so that in the end only one master password needs to be remembered. So called graphical passwords, that is passwords that are created by clicking on positions in images, are an alternative to convention text based passwords. Most browsers, programs and operating systems on the other hand do not support these by default.
graphical password 
 The Firefox add-on GPEX, is a first try to bring graphical passwords to the browser. The system used has been streamlined for ease of use. The add-on supports custom images and icon sets. Passwords are created or entered, by clicking on specific locations in the image or icon set.
A password strength meter indicates the strength of the password to the user. The general idea is that graphical passwords provide better security and memorability at the same time. The add-on itself converts the graphical password into a character based password, as the services on the Internet only support these kinds of passwords.
The extension can be an asset for users who do not use password managers. It is however a nice demonstration. Users who want to try the graphical password manager can install it from the official Firefox add-on repository.
Click Here To Get This Add-On

How To Hack Geocities Webpages

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking

How To Hack Geocities Webpages

This is a featured page

 This text file was written, after i wrote my text file on hacking mailcity

webpages, which was also, on the day that ezoons asked me to put his great
text file on my webpage http://www.vol.com/~ameister. Later that day actually
it was night i decided to try the same method out on some other free webpage
places, and so i did. I wrote one text file on hacking Mailcity pages, and
so i tried it on geocities, 10 minnutes laterz i had hacked a test page,
and guess what you can now hack geocities pages too. I fully give Ezoons

the credit for finding this exploit. This text file is supposed to encourage
all you supposid hackers, to get out and try your own ideas or at least to
try the techniques you read about on other sites. So here goes this is more
of a joke to me I don't take this kinda hacking seriously, so have like a
bag of weed and some Acid at hand, so you can see this text through my eyes,
also. Note this text file can be used to hack Angelfire just change all the

Geocities webpages & boxes with Angelfire, or you could just read Ezoons
k-rad elito neato guide. Your choice. So here goes.
Get a ******* account at geocities.com, now goto the members section
choose filemanager and login with your login and password, on the next page
you get to, view the source code (the page name should be file_manager.htm.)
On about line 178 you should see something to similliar to this, if you dont

want to count all these lines then put all the html code into notepad and
run a search for passwd, and somewhere around that area you will find the
info you need. A # represents a comment made by me.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="member" VALUE="nickom666"> #username
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwd" VALUE="_5gaVFNYeEiYrv=z/kdKK"> #i think it's an encrypted passsword of some sort
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="fulladdress" VALUE="SiliconValley/Foothills/7281"> #webpage address

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="subdirectory" VALUE=""> # something you don't need
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="email" VALUE="acidmeister@hotmail.com"> # e-mail address person subscribed with
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="geoextras" VALUE="NN1NN"> #don't know don't care
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="diskspace" VALUE="11"> #don't know don't care
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="timestamp" VALUE="901868702"> #ehhh a timestamp
<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/geoguide/geoguide_verify">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="member" VALUE="nickom666"> #username ---the information you need
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwd" VALUE="hlxwxe"> #passwd ---the information you need

Now you're goodie hackerz instict, if you have any. Should tell you the
following. If you can get someone to give you that page you can simple open
it and you'll be in their account. Now Ezoons has kept this a secret for a
long time, so let's try not to spread it to every goddamn lamer on earth.

OK let's get on with da hack....

First find a ******* webpage at geocities, that shouldn't be hard, if you
cant't find one then you're not a ******* hacker. Get a fake e-mail account
at mailcity.com or hotmail.com or some other crappy place, give them all fake
info on you. Now e-mail the guy make up some dumbass story, **** i dont know
you're someone who wants to try out this new program, what it does is log
attempts to hack your webpage, tell him inorder to run this program you must

customize specifiacly for his page so tell him to do the following. Log into
his geocities account and once he has logged in, to save that page and send
it to you, the page should be named file_manager.htm. Well thats it once you
get the file just double click it and you'll be directly in his file place on
Feocities. To get into his mailbox you will have to look at the source code
of the file he sends you and filter out the username and password, in the

file_manager.htm file.
Then just login with his username and password, pretty nifty eh.
Thank Ezoons for this, i just wrote this text file out of boredom and to
educate you on the general stupidity of these servers, and also to
encourage you to try things on your own such as reading about a great
exploit on hotmail and then not trying it anywhere else.
Please visit my website it has several text files to learn from,

including Ezoons, text on hacking Angelfire if you want the original one.
It also has lots of great hacking toolz. While you're there please take the
time to sighn my guestbook, and post any questions, comments, and/or
deaththreats you may have, on the message board.




How To Recover Video And Audio Files From Scratched CDs or DVDs

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Get My Videos Back is a small and specialized application for Windows developed specifically to recover audio and video files from scratched CDs and DVDs, including support for reading source file byte by byte which comes handy when the optical-disc has lots of small scratches.

Get My Videos Back is very basic, portable application which gets the job done with options to save the job and continue them later.
If you are looking for a specific solution trying to recover audio/video files try - Get My Videos Back,
Download: Get My Videos Back

Skype video chat coming to Facebook? The code seems to be there

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Could we be about to see Skype video chat built into the Facebook website? One app developer claims he’s found code that points to that very feature.
Back in September there were whispers that “Deep integration” between Facebook and Skype was on its way. That seemed to be borne out by Skype introducing support for Facebook contacts in its latest beta release. What making Skype calls from Facebook though?
In a blog post today, Facebook app developer Tal Ater claims to have stumbled upon a Javascript object on the Facebook website called VideoChat with a number of properties that specifically mention Skype.

Facebook was previously reported to be testing a video chat feature back in May 2009, when similar code (not featuring mentions of Skype) was found. At the time Facebook said it had no plans to release the feature to users.
The new code (which can found on Facebook’s servers here and mirrored by Ater here), features mentions of SkypeIDs, a pretty clear signal that Skype integration is at least being considered. The code is apparently only loaded sporadically, leading Ater to speculate that Facebook is “bucket testing” the code across a small section of its userbase.
We’ve contacted Facebook for comment on this and will let you know when we hear more.

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking

How To Send Self Destructing Video Emails

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
YouTube is a great place for uploading videos for the entire world to watch, but can leave us feeling a little exposed. Sending a private video message to specific friends and family is virtually impossible with services like YouTube, and sending a video as an email attachment is usually forbidden due to file size.
A service called mailVU allows anyone tosend private video messages through email. Even better, messages can self destruct after a certain number of views—a feature that leaves us feeling as suave as James Bond.
First, click Allow when the recording interface asks for permission to use your Webcam and microphone.
allow settings

Next, click Record to make a video message. There is a five minute time limit for recording.

Click Play to watch your message in the video screen.
Specify your preferred destruction settings. You can choose to delete the message after a number of days (messages automatically delete after 30 days), or a number of views.
destruct settings
Click the Send Video Email button at the bottom of the screen.
send video mail
You are then sent to the final step of specifying the email addresses and accompanying text-based message for your video. After you have entered your email address and the recipients’ email addresses, click Send Mail. Your message will be delivered within minutes.
MailVU is a good service for sending birthday messages to family and friends, or sharing a special moment, like an engagement or pregnancy announcement. Of course, since there is not censorship, messages of a less than PG-rated nature may be sent through MailVU, so parents beware. Videos work with most mobile phones and all major browsers.

How to Download complete Website and save it on PC

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
When you discover an interesting website and want to copy a complete website to view it locally without internet connection. If in hurry, you can backup entire website on USB drive and view it afterward. Can be useful even if you want to save thousands of images from a webpage in one click.
HTTrack is a tool to save all the webpages from a specified website. The website downloaded when viewed offline looks exactly as it appears online. An exact mirror of the website is downloaded on your HardDisk with all the styles, background images and alignments keeping intact. The links pointing out of the page are also taken into consideration means those pages are also downloaded. For example: You have to download all the MP3 songs, Flash, videos or only some of them using Filters from a website all at once then WinHTTrack is a feasible option.
The sites downloaded can be used in your regular browser and there are no waiting times to load another page as all the pages are already stored offline in your Local Disk. Moreover, no active Internet connection required to access it. Personally, I used it to show  research pages of my Project to the concerned professor where internet connectivity was poor.

How to download complete website?

Enter Project name and Category (It can be anything according to the site you are downloading). Next the Base Path where the site will be downloaded.
Download Entire website

More than one URL can be entered to be downloaded. Specify them in the box. You can specify filters to download specific extension of files like MP3, JPG or PNG from Set Options buttons.
Download Entire website
Download Entire website
Then Press Finish to start copying. You can prefer to shutdown PC after downloading is completed  as it may take few minutes depending upon the size of files hosted on site.
Download Entire website
Now, to view the downloaded website go to the output folder and click on index.html file (general name) or open the HTTrack Website copier program and click Browse Sites from File menu.

How To Log Into Every Web Site With Just One Account

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Unless you have a Rainman-like memory, you have forgotten a Web site login password at least once. Some Web sites require passwords with numbers and letters, others require numbers, letters and special characters, and still others require a capital letter, a lower-case letter and then a number.
With all of these different requirements, remembering passwords for the bank, Facebook,Twitter,Orkut a dozen rewards card programs, eBay and email is annoying at best.
There are several ways to save passwords—most browsers will do this for you, but we are constantly worried someone will hack our browsers and steal the information. A less-hackable way to store passwords is with a service like Logaway.
logaway logo
Enter your registration information in the required boxes. Besides a password, you will be asked to provide a secondary Logaway Key, meaning you will need two passwords to login to Logaway’s service. Click Register Now when finished.

You then must check your email for a confirmation link. Once clicked, you are prompted to login.

There are then three steps to start the service. First, drag the Bookmark Login icon to your browser’s tool bar. Click Take Me to Step 2 when you have finished.
step 1
In step 2, add login information for your frequently visited sites by clicking the icons provided. There are thousands in the database—these are provided as a starting point.
click to add
Step 3 explains that sites with a green bar on the top of the icon will automatically login, while sites with a red bar on the icon need an additional step. The additional step is clicking the bookmark login tool you added to your browser in step 1.
From there, all that is needed to add more Web sites to the list is to click Add under the My Websites menu on Logaway.
add website
Logaway is a great idea, but the process of adding all of your login names and passwords is time consuming. Finding and hour or more to complete this part of the setup may be too cumbersome for some users
While the site seems very secure, we also know that every Web site can be hacked—there are no sure things on the internet. However, this is a more secure option than having a browser remember every password.

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