How To Log Into Every Web Site With Just One Account

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Unless you have a Rainman-like memory, you have forgotten a Web site login password at least once. Some Web sites require passwords with numbers and letters, others require numbers, letters and special characters, and still others require a capital letter, a lower-case letter and then a number.
With all of these different requirements, remembering passwords for the bank, Facebook,Twitter,Orkut a dozen rewards card programs, eBay and email is annoying at best.
There are several ways to save passwords—most browsers will do this for you, but we are constantly worried someone will hack our browsers and steal the information. A less-hackable way to store passwords is with a service like Logaway.
logaway logo
Enter your registration information in the required boxes. Besides a password, you will be asked to provide a secondary Logaway Key, meaning you will need two passwords to login to Logaway’s service. Click Register Now when finished.

You then must check your email for a confirmation link. Once clicked, you are prompted to login.

There are then three steps to start the service. First, drag the Bookmark Login icon to your browser’s tool bar. Click Take Me to Step 2 when you have finished.
step 1
In step 2, add login information for your frequently visited sites by clicking the icons provided. There are thousands in the database—these are provided as a starting point.
click to add
Step 3 explains that sites with a green bar on the top of the icon will automatically login, while sites with a red bar on the icon need an additional step. The additional step is clicking the bookmark login tool you added to your browser in step 1.
From there, all that is needed to add more Web sites to the list is to click Add under the My Websites menu on Logaway.
add website
Logaway is a great idea, but the process of adding all of your login names and passwords is time consuming. Finding and hour or more to complete this part of the setup may be too cumbersome for some users
While the site seems very secure, we also know that every Web site can be hacked—there are no sure things on the internet. However, this is a more secure option than having a browser remember every password.


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