How To Listen to your Favorite Music From Any Computer or Android Phone

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Mougg offers space online to store 1 GB of music, then allows you to listen to your music from anywhere with an internet connection. While they do not have an App for Blackberry or iPhone (yet), the service works very well with Andriod phones.

To start upload and listening to music, click the green sign up button at the top right of the page.
A small window opens in the bottom left of the screen. Enter your name, email and a password, then click create to register.
Mougg works much like iTunes, with a left-hand control menu, and a built-in music player at the top of the screen.

To upload music, click the Upload Music link under Library on the left side of the screen.

A small black window opens on the bottom right of the screen. Click Browse and start opening your music files. As files upload, they appear in a list beneath theBrowse button.

Once uploaded, you can see and play all of your files by clicking the My Music button the left-hand menu.
To create playlists, click Playlist Name and enter a name for your playlist. Then click the green plus-sign. The name of the playlist is then added under your My Playllistmenu.
To add songs to the playlist, simply drag them from your My Music menu to the playlist’s name.
Once organized and uploaded, you can access your music from any computer by visiting Android users will find an app for Mougg in the App marketplace.

The service has received good customer reception, with even a nod from Rolling Stone magazine.


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