How To Send Self Destructing Video Emails

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YouTube is a great place for uploading videos for the entire world to watch, but can leave us feeling a little exposed. Sending a private video message to specific friends and family is virtually impossible with services like YouTube, and sending a video as an email attachment is usually forbidden due to file size.
A service called mailVU allows anyone tosend private video messages through email. Even better, messages can self destruct after a certain number of views—a feature that leaves us feeling as suave as James Bond.
First, click Allow when the recording interface asks for permission to use your Webcam and microphone.
allow settings

Next, click Record to make a video message. There is a five minute time limit for recording.

Click Play to watch your message in the video screen.
Specify your preferred destruction settings. You can choose to delete the message after a number of days (messages automatically delete after 30 days), or a number of views.
destruct settings
Click the Send Video Email button at the bottom of the screen.
send video mail
You are then sent to the final step of specifying the email addresses and accompanying text-based message for your video. After you have entered your email address and the recipients’ email addresses, click Send Mail. Your message will be delivered within minutes.
MailVU is a good service for sending birthday messages to family and friends, or sharing a special moment, like an engagement or pregnancy announcement. Of course, since there is not censorship, messages of a less than PG-rated nature may be sent through MailVU, so parents beware. Videos work with most mobile phones and all major browsers.


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