How To Hack Geocities Webpages

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How To Hack Geocities Webpages

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 This text file was written, after i wrote my text file on hacking mailcity

webpages, which was also, on the day that ezoons asked me to put his great
text file on my webpage Later that day actually
it was night i decided to try the same method out on some other free webpage
places, and so i did. I wrote one text file on hacking Mailcity pages, and
so i tried it on geocities, 10 minnutes laterz i had hacked a test page,
and guess what you can now hack geocities pages too. I fully give Ezoons

the credit for finding this exploit. This text file is supposed to encourage
all you supposid hackers, to get out and try your own ideas or at least to
try the techniques you read about on other sites. So here goes this is more
of a joke to me I don't take this kinda hacking seriously, so have like a
bag of weed and some Acid at hand, so you can see this text through my eyes,
also. Note this text file can be used to hack Angelfire just change all the

Geocities webpages & boxes with Angelfire, or you could just read Ezoons
k-rad elito neato guide. Your choice. So here goes.
Get a ******* account at, now goto the members section
choose filemanager and login with your login and password, on the next page
you get to, view the source code (the page name should be file_manager.htm.)
On about line 178 you should see something to similliar to this, if you dont

want to count all these lines then put all the html code into notepad and
run a search for passwd, and somewhere around that area you will find the
info you need. A # represents a comment made by me.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="member" VALUE="nickom666"> #username
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwd" VALUE="_5gaVFNYeEiYrv=z/kdKK"> #i think it's an encrypted passsword of some sort
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="fulladdress" VALUE="SiliconValley/Foothills/7281"> #webpage address

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="subdirectory" VALUE=""> # something you don't need
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="email" VALUE=""> # e-mail address person subscribed with
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="geoextras" VALUE="NN1NN"> #don't know don't care
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="diskspace" VALUE="11"> #don't know don't care
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="timestamp" VALUE="901868702"> #ehhh a timestamp
<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/geoguide/geoguide_verify">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="member" VALUE="nickom666"> #username ---the information you need
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="passwd" VALUE="hlxwxe"> #passwd ---the information you need

Now you're goodie hackerz instict, if you have any. Should tell you the
following. If you can get someone to give you that page you can simple open
it and you'll be in their account. Now Ezoons has kept this a secret for a
long time, so let's try not to spread it to every goddamn lamer on earth.

OK let's get on with da hack....

First find a ******* webpage at geocities, that shouldn't be hard, if you
cant't find one then you're not a ******* hacker. Get a fake e-mail account
at or or some other crappy place, give them all fake
info on you. Now e-mail the guy make up some dumbass story, **** i dont know
you're someone who wants to try out this new program, what it does is log
attempts to hack your webpage, tell him inorder to run this program you must

customize specifiacly for his page so tell him to do the following. Log into
his geocities account and once he has logged in, to save that page and send
it to you, the page should be named file_manager.htm. Well thats it once you
get the file just double click it and you'll be directly in his file place on
Feocities. To get into his mailbox you will have to look at the source code
of the file he sends you and filter out the username and password, in the

file_manager.htm file.
Then just login with his username and password, pretty nifty eh.
Thank Ezoons for this, i just wrote this text file out of boredom and to
educate you on the general stupidity of these servers, and also to
encourage you to try things on your own such as reading about a great
exploit on hotmail and then not trying it anywhere else.
Please visit my website it has several text files to learn from,

including Ezoons, text on hacking Angelfire if you want the original one.
It also has lots of great hacking toolz. While you're there please take the
time to sighn my guestbook, and post any questions, comments, and/or
deaththreats you may have, on the message board.





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