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Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
Hacking a website or its member section! First of all, why you want to hack a webpage? Is it a certain webpage or any site at all?
There are many reasons to hack a website, or a webmaster. Maybe you want to take a revenge or maybe you want to have fun or just learn how to do it!
You can deface the website which means replace the original index with a new one or you can gain access to the member area of the site which might be easier.


You can deface the site through telnet or your browser by running remote commands on an old or misconfigured server, the hard thing to do is find an old server , maybe a network of a school or university would do, get a CGI BUG searcher. This program will scan ranges of IPs for web-servers and will scan them for known bugs in their cgis or other bugs and holes. You can learn how to exploit a certain hole by adding in Goolge the name of the bug/hole and the word exploit, search for “cmd.exe exploit“. There are more than 700 holes that many servers might have!
You can also deface a website by finding the ftp password and just browse through the sites ftp and replace the index.htm. You do that with Brute force technology.

Brute forcing:

To do that you need a “brute forcer” or “brute force attacker” and some word lists, the brute forcer sends multiple user/pass requests of words that picks up from name lists and tries to hack the account until it does! So let’s say imagine a site that asks for a password, you go there you copy their address, you add the address in a program called brute forcer and then from the brute forcer you choose a text file with names to be used as usernames and a text with names to be used as passwords, the brute forcer will try until it finds a correct user/pass. This should be easier for the newbies than exploiting cgi bugs, many of the newbies haven’t even heard of it.
I hope I didn’t confuse you with this tutorial there might be more tuts about web hacking and cgi bugs and such. Till then try to find the way to cgi bugs yourself with the cgi scanners in the Web Hacks section or download a brute forcer to crack accounts.


Please don’t ask for any kind of downloading links.., try to Google it! I am sure you will find it…


This article is for educational purposes only. iCyse is no way responsible for any misuse of the information. All the information on this site are meant for developing Hacker Defense attitude among the users and help preventing the hack attacks.


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