Chat with friends on Facebook is very exciting. However, the constraints have to sit long at a computer and a limited time becomes one of the obstacles met in the pleasure with friends in cyberspace.

With the presence of the Blackberry smartphone technology, this constraint disappears. Moreover, there are some free applications that can be accessed via mobile phones blackberry. In fact, most applications are able to integrate with Blackberry messenger (BBM).

Here are some of Facebook Chat applications on Blackberry Smartphones

1. mChat 1.2.3: this application is one hundred percent free. Although free, we would not be disturbed by the ads that often appear in several free applications. Not only that, we can also update the status of this application. The file capacity is only 705 KB, so, this application can installed on blackberry mobile phone has limited memory. Download at or directly on the site

2. Facebook Chat For Free: The application is very flexible in use on the blackberry because all facilities are the same as the Blackberry Messenger. In fact, we do not need to move a window (window) chat while chatting with friends on Facebook as well as fuel either, because these applications are integrated with the fuel. Download at or at:

3. Free Chat For Free With BBM (BBM CFF): This application can say 100 percent integrated with the fuel. Not only the looks alone, but other facilities such as autotext (OS.5) or Word Substitution (0S.6), avatar icons can also be applied here. Amazingly, this application can differentiate our chat friends who are using Blackberry while chatting or not. Download or in CFF Fuel:

4. FriendChat: This application will run fine on Blackberry OS 6.0. Besides having the same facility with a variety of other facebook chat application, this application can be sent to the fuel facebook chat screen. In addition. FrienChat support multi chat system to chat with some friends on Facebook simultaneously at once. Download at or at:

In addition to the above four applications, facebook chat is still a lot of other applications that can be fused with a Blackberry. May be useful!



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