One way to improve windows 7 performance is to add virtual memory. Virtual memory is additional memory that is taken from hard drive free space. Windows provides this facility to support performance of computer (PC or Notebook).

By default, Windows will allocate space on the disk according to the minimum requirements of Windows. By manual setting, we can increase the virtual space of computer memory. Virtual memory will be used by windows automatically when the physical memory has been fully used by the application windows. By increasing the virtual memory, we can avoid the appearance of the message "low virtual memory ...".

Here is a step to increase virtual memory on windows 7:

1. Right click on computer icon, select Properties

2. Select Advanced System Settings

3. Select the Advanced tabulation, Select the Settings button ..

4. In the Performance Options dialog box In the Virtual memory section select the Change button...

5. Uncheck "automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
Select the Custom size option. Then the contents of the initial size (MB): 1000 (adjust the capacity of free space on your hard drive). Fill in the maximum size (MB): 2000 (adjust the capacity of free space on your hard drive can be larger or smaller than the value)

6. Click Set button. Select OK

7. Restart computer

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