While you're busy doing something on the computer, sometimes you also have to reply to incoming messages on Blackberry Messenger. So it must go back and forth between the computer and Blackberry.

With an Application called Fixmo Web Messenger, you do not bother using a Blackberry and computer, because you can access the fuel through the computer, so that will make you more easily and quickly reply to any message in the fuel through Computer.

Here are the easy steps to you:
1. Download an application called Fixmo Web Messenger for your BlackBerry.

2. install Fixmo Web Messenger on the Blackberry, then run the application and make an account using your email.

3. From your computer, visit Fixmo after that login using the account you created on the Blackberry (Step 2) above.

With the above steps, you can now use the Blackberry Messenger from your computer, such as replying to the message to access the contacts on BBM.


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