Be Hacker Safe Use Intrusion Detection Systems

Although they are excellent in their design, having a basic firewall by itself is not sufficient to provide hacker prevention. Detection firewall intrusion often takes place after the fact. An important note here would be that a firewall cannot remove things that are already on your computer or network.
If there was a virus before, or trojans, they will still be there afterwards. Which brings up another point - the first thing that needs to be done, before installing any firewall or intrusion detection software, is to remove all malware from the system by using a good scanner and removal software program. At the present time, there are a number of them that are free. It might be a good idea to run more than one - but be sure to disable the one you are not using. Experience shows that different software will detect different malware.

When selecting your intrusion detection software, you need to know that there are basically two kinds. One is passive, meaning that an alarm will be sounded. A second kind is active, meaning that it will terminate the communication with the computer trying to obtain access, and it will notify the Webmaster. Intrusion detection software can also stop phishing emails, spam, and those pop-up ads. They can also prevent dial up hacker from invading your system.

What Is The Best Intrusion Detection System?
Keeping your system hacker safe, and knowing how to prevent hackers from doing their dirty work is an ongoing task. It was mentioned in the beginning of the article that a determined hacker will get information. They are constantly upgrading their own methods, and the sad thing, is that much of the intrusion prevention development going on, only seeks to keep up with the methods the hackers use. The result - a hacker comes up with a new method, and - he'll get in.

One thing that is being reported as working quite well, especially for a Unix system (although there is also a Windows version, too), is an intrusion detection using Snort with wincap. This program has good reviews, and may be the software you need. Because of competition, new and better programs of detection and prevention are being developed all the time. Some systems have firewalls just for spam filters (great for email servers), and ones for general systems. There is even a new firewall system out there that is just for in-house IM communications. Of course, these new systems try to combine some of the features of a firewall and an intrusion detection system into one great package - and some of them can even remove existing malware on your system!

The best advice that could be given is to take this information and begin to do your own research into the latest products on intrusion prevention. At the same time you will want to find good malware removal software, and don't forget to consider downloading a trial version first. Some of these offer complete systems that can even be upgraded daily for the length of the trial period. Having your system protected by intrusion detection software is a great move, and will help to bring greater security to the information you want guarded the most.


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