How To Make Video Calls On Facebook

Google+ paves the way for yet another interesting feature for Facebook. Now it facilitates video calling, and that too a group video chat.

Video Calls On Facebook How To Make Video Calls On Facebook

It seems the world’s largest online social network Facebook is now following the footstep of Google in keeping tight in the competition. With the beta launch of Google+ social networking site of Google, Facebook announced that its 750 million users would get the video calling facilities on the site. The new feature is powered by Skype, Internet phone service giant.

To make video calls you need to select the friends with whom you want to chat. A pop up window will open up bringing up the video chat feature. The window is re-sizable and it can be viewed in full screen mode. Inside the app there is one small window that gets smaller when mouse is not hovering over it. This facilitates you to see yourself when you want. There is no mute, hold or in-call buttons in it.

The video calling works best in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. In Linux it is presently not being supported and also the mobile integrations are not available. The company says all users will get access soon to the video calling. Once Facebook completes the integration, you will find the video chat button on the top right corner of the chat bar.

Similar to the normal start of chat session, you need to click on a name of your online contacts and chat window opens. Then you need to click on the video icon to start video chat. On your friends’ profiles, a Call Button will appear between the Poke and Message buttons. His clicking on it will connect both of you for video chat. Even you can leave a voice message if your friend is not available. Ex out the window and the call ends.

Last week the same feature Google launched on its Google Plus inviting limited users.

Earlier, at the headquarters of the company, Palo Alto, Calif, Mark Zukerberg announced they are embarking on launching season 2011. He said that lots of stuff will be added to Facebook in next few weeks and months.

Not mentioning Google, he said that “independent entrepreneurs and companies focused on one particular thing will always do better than companies that try to do everything”.

With every new feature of Facebook, privacy and security questions arises. The best part of it is that no calls are either recorded or saved. However, the date of calls are recorded within the ongoing conversation history in the Message section.


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