Tips to Protect Yourself From Online Hackers

A hacker is a person who is able to access other people’s computers and modify programs or information. Since the internet popularized, internet hacking has provided hackers through out the world an unlimited
source of new victims, specially those who are just beginning to use the internet and are not aware of the dangers that lurk outside. Hacking wireless internet networks has provided an even wider spectrum of victims through out modern cities, Internet hacking security.
What Is Online Hacking?
It basically happens when a hacker exploits a security breach in a network or computer and is able to access the information through the internet. As long as he is not detected or the computer shut down, he will be able to hack the computer as long as it is online. It doesn’t matter if you have a broadband connection or a dial up, internet hackers

can access your home computer security if you haven’t taken adequate measures for protecting yourself. It is like leaving a car parked in the street. If you leave it with the windows open, the keys inside and the radio mask still placed in the console, it’s quite probable you will suffer a robbery. Unfortunately, with computers it is a little more difficult since you don’t see those opened windows. The only way to find them is looking for them with specialized software.
How Can You Protect Your Computer
Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your computer from the hackers on internet:
Software Updates
Software companies are always updating their products, trying to eliminate any security breach that could be exploited by hackers. For this reason, their software makes a periodic check on the latest version available in the internet. It doesn’t matter if they are operating systems, office suites, drivers, games or any other kind of specialized software, you always need to assure yourself that every software package is up to date.
Firewalls became main stream with the Internet. Now-a-days it’s impossible to be connected to the net without being checked by hackers, looking for possible breaches in your connection. Although they can be hardware or software, the most common one among users are the software firewalls, which are installed in your operating system and continually check the transmission of information from your PC to the external world and vice versa.
From all the security packages that a user needs to have installed in his PC, antivirus software is the first. It has been with us for a long time, even before the internet and the now common news on internet hacking. In the old days, virus spread through corporate networks to employee home computers who innocently took work home via diskettes. Finally, it spread to their friends’ computers. Today, the Internet has provided viruses a better way to spread themselves through the world. A real time antivirus software package is a must for any user who wishes to navigate safely through the net and not find himself being a victim of a hacker attack.


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