How Do People Hack Your Password?

Actually we would be wrong in saying that “people” would hack your passwords; in reality a common visitor online would be a fool big enough to try to even hack passwords. It can only be an internet expert who has well knowledge about the security technologies being used and is capable of writing reverse engineered softwares for cracking a password.

Hack your Password How Do People Hack Your Password?

Hacking can be broadly classified into two parts ethical hacking and innovative hacking.

Ethical hacking is basically just the old school methods of hacking and cracking. There are even courses about ethical hacking which explains in details the known methods of hacking. Now since they are known methods password hacker and even expert programmers can’t hack into somebody’s mail account or internet banking account with these techniques as the companies who are providing these services have already safe guarded their systems against all the known threats and techniques.

But there are softwares or we say password hacker which are supposed to the internet hacking for you. Even they are just programs exploiting the ethical hacking techniques and instead of yielding fruitful results they can only be used to test that the website we are trying to hack placed all the safeguards and plugged in all the loop holes.

Some common ethical hacking techniques are:

Spamming : a spammer would confuse the user with his own identity and will try to mislead and convince the user into giving in his details and then getting access to the systems
Phishing: it is a quite old method by which the person conducting the phishing attack would send a mail which would be directing the user straight to an artificial gateway created. Which might look similar to the users email login window or bank login window and there by asks him to login and thus get holds of that info?
SQL/JAVA injections: programmers familiar with java and sql can exploit the loopholes left out by the creators of the website and insert their own malicious code and get access to the system. But today most companies or creators precisely make their web applications undergo rigorous injection tests to get hold of any loop hole detected in the application
Key-loggers: key loggers are simply monitoring programs that run in the background along with system applications and keeps recording key strokes and sends data to its programmers without the user even getting a hint that all his key strokes are being recorded by a piece of code.

There are many in depth methods but these are the most popular ones. Apart from these:


Innovative internet hacking can only be done by a very fluent programmer. Who can point out an error or bug just by reading bits of codes. With experience enough he can study the source code and try to get into the system. But most of these innovative hackers just do it for fun and not for money. Neither they are password hacker nor do they create such softwares. They are mostly hired by companies to conduct test on their security measures.


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