Hackers Beware T-Mobile G2 Gets Hacking Protection

Do you want to hack Android phone T-Mobile G2? It is useless to hack. The phone restores to its original immediately after it is hacked. This is the first handset that is able to detect when the user “roots” the handset, and then it undoes the hacking.

T Mobile G2 Android Mobile Phone Hacking Protection Hackers Beware T Mobile G2 Gets Hacking Protection

Hackers, who worked in rooting the T-Mobile G2, discovered that there is no problem in rooting the phone but after a short while of the hacking, the device automatically removes the modification and restores it as it was before the rooting.

This technology of G2 has upset the entire tech world because of the inability of making modifications to the phone.

The first step to rooting is to enable the OEM software modification. The hackers apply custom ROMs to grant status of superuser to the device. This in return permits the hacker to do any desired thing in the software of the phone. Even everything can be replaced in it. The concept is similar to that of Linux systems from where the term “rooting” originated.

The G2 make use of internal policing of software. The concept is not new. Motorola had it in Droid X handset. It had eFuse hardware technology which made the phone unusable if the software was modified. Hence, the modified phone failed to work until the official software was reinstalled.

Well, device protection is very necessary for all phone makers to keep their market good and bigger, but for how long the technology is not going to be hacked is a big question. May be, it would take some unusual time, but it will be broken. What you all say? Put your comments below.


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