Different Types of Computer Internet Security

You can protect your computer from the hackers of internet through the following methods;
File Sharing
It’s quite common to find in home pc’s a file sharing software installed in them. Unfortunately, most of the times it is used for sharing piracy, like music, movies and books. Since file sharing became common practice, hackers have found a new way to introduce into other’s computers with the users approval, who downloads infected files that have been preprogrammed by the hackers. It is strongly recommended not to use file sharing programs.
Sometimes, people are very innocent regarding the use of passwords. Since it’s practically a new phenomenon that has appeared in our modern society, the common person isn’t used to use complicated passwords for their accounts. Unfortunately, this weakness is adequately exploited by hackers. If you don’t want your security to be breached, use passwords with six or more characters, with a combination of letters and numbers. Additionally, don’t use common names like your pet’s name or your second surname. These are the first kind of things that hackers look for.
Instant Messaging
Since the cost access to the Internet is a flat monthly charge, it’s common to see people always connected to the internet, even when they are not in front of their PC. Since instant messaging programs are quite vulnerable to attacks, it is recommended not to leave them connected to the net. They could be providing an open door to any curious hacker.

Considering all of this information, you should be able to protect yourself better from the most common attacks of online hackers, implementing an adequate computer security system. Of course, there isn’t something as a perfect completely secure system, but at least you won’t be a victim of errors that could have been easily corrected. For example, as it was mentioned at the beginning, hacking wireless internet connections has become quite widespread today. Don’t let it happen to you, find about how to make your wireless connection more secure through the use of passwords and security protocols. Internet hacking isn’t the stuff of science fiction books anymore. Computer internet security is real, and it’s here to stay.


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