How to Manage Passwords?

Today, computer security has become part of our lives, online password hacking protections. Even the most basic user may have to manage passwords by the dozen. It can be his personal email password, the password of his computer at work, the password of his computer at home, the password for the TV parental control, the password for his debit card, etc, etc.

You even have the option to password protect folders. That way, if multiple users make use of your computer, you can protect your confidential information. However, all this password frenzy has had a negative consequence among people. They are too relaxed about their passwords. So, let's find more about passwords
A Brief History Of Passwords
Although we may consider passwords as a recent invention, in reality they were created thousands of years ago. Imagine a time were there was no TV, radio or even newspapers. The same thing goes for photography and video cameras. There was no way in which you could know how the Count of Sussex looked like if you have never met him before.

That's why there was the need for a word, or combination of words, that could be used for gaining access to determined places. The same thing goes for keys. These may be considered a physical manifestation of a password. After all, the key has the "password" for opening a lock.

It wasn't until the advent of the digital era that system administrators found that certain areas should only be accessed by them. Consider how much damage an inexpert user can cause to a computer if he has access to the main files. Fortunately, the internet is here to help us

You only need to insert some words in your favorite search engine, like password protect program, excel password protect, password protect computer, how to password protect website and you will find tons of information on how to protect your computer, archives or website with a password. Nevertheless, there are some rules that you need to follow.


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