Best Ways to Avoid Internet Crimes Against Children

There are some of the ways through you can safeguard your child from internet crimes against children
Anti Spyware Software
Spyware has become the number one headache for everyone who is connected to the net. Different from virus and worms, this malicious software is used for the commercial benefit of its creators, generating revenue from ads and the illegal acquirement of private information (like your credit card number). As in the case of an anti-virus, they are a must nowadays, but should not be the main source of child safety on the internet.
Anti Spam Software
The most common kind of spam comes through electronic mail and instant messaging. In the case of email, most programs offer options to control it. It doesn’t matter that you use pop or web based email, once you identify an account as a source of spam, you can block it forever. Unfortunately, some web base email companies use their own software to determine if an email is spam or not, possibly erasing important information that you were expecting. You will have to test their spam detection system before assuring yourself that it is safe enough to use it.

With instant messaging spam (also known as spim), pop ups will start appearing in your desktop, offering services or methods to eliminate those annoying pop ups. Although you can do it yourself for free (you only need to do a little research on the internet), spim exploits the vulnerability that beginners feel with the net.

As you can see, it is not necessary to have an anti spam software, only some basic knowledge on the uses of email and instant messaging.
Key Loggers
Key logging software is practical way to protect a child from accessing unauthorized web pages. This tool starts running from the moment Windows is loaded, looking for specific words in the typing made by the user. If a word like pornography is entered, this program will automatically block the execution of that word.

Remember that every child and adolescent is curious by nature. Do not expect to leave the gates wide open without being trespassed. What they could consider as an innocent inquiry, it could become a serious matter in the natural process of their maturity. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find adult content in the internet; you just need to input any word you can think of in a search engine and you will find thousands of links.

So, buy a kids and family internet security service and test how well does it perform in the real world. Look for the kind of pages you would have searched for if you had had Internet when young. Internet safety for kids should not be taken lightly by today’s parents. It is their responsibility to have an adequate child internet protection system at home.


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