How To Hack iPod Nano For Blank Space Creation

The 6th-generation iPod Nano can now be hacked for creation of blank spaces. Renowned developer James Whelton hacked his iPod Nano and was able to bypass the cache compression of the device, which resulted in the installation of a Springboard hack allowing for blank space creation.

ipod nano 6th generation hack blank space How To Hack iPod Nano For Blank Space Creation

The springboard hack for the 6th-generation iPod nano is in fact just a removal of an app, and in return a creation of a blank space. The most important thing to keep in mind here while you are hacking the device is the bypass of the cache comparison of the device. It compares any of the modded SB file in the nano and reverts the same if it is not liked by it. As an aftermath, it opens up the hacking and modding possibilities in the device. Moreover, it does not require bootloaders or any related stuff.

Now what do this hack actually mean. It may be a signal that some cool new features are awaiting for the nano like TV shows, movies, apps, vCards, games, calender events and more, even a passcode lock. After the hack the OS of iPod nano becomes a rehashed version of the previous OS.

One thing to know here that iPod nano has not been able to be jailbroken yet as there is no root access of it. However, with the new hack discovery, it is believed that jailbreak possibilities do exist.

In iPod nano, Whelton did not install any app, but he did figured out how to remove one and create a blank space into the springboard. He has also figured out a process to boot the nano with modified files such as SpringBoard Plist and bypass the process that it stops.

Well, let us hope that jailbreaking soon become possible for the 6th-generation iPod nano. Meanwhile, do put here your views or any further process in the hacking of iPod nano.


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