Security For Wireless Laptop

When you are connecting your laptop through Unsecured Channel and if you travel with a laptop and connect wirelessly, you need to take extra precautions. Most public wireless providers and hot spots use no security at all.
Everything you send and receive is sent in the clear with no encryption. If you're using a VPN connection to your office, you'll have the protection of an encrypted tunnel. When accessing outside, if you can't use a VPN tunnel to your office, consider using a remote desktop connection to a computer you've left running at office.

Other precautions you should take with regard to security for wireless laptop are: don't visit any Web site or use any program that lets you send passwords, account numbers, or other sensitive information in the clear. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections for e-mail. If in doubt and there is a choice for secure or encrypted versus normal or non-secure, always select the secure version. SSL sites normally have URLs that begin with https://.

Possible Solution
Some of the possible solution to prevent the data leakage from laptop computer is the employees working in the organization should be educated on how to use the laptop free from spyware. Awareness should be created among the employees regarding how the spyware enters the program and create data leakage. They should be aware of safe and secure browsing methods. Organizations need to put policies in place for e-mail to help employees maintain and use e-mail properly. Especially with regard to forwarding internal e-mail to external parties with sensitive information that’s leads to business loss.

Employees who are using laptops should be advised not to download p2p program because it is the main reason for spreading of spyware. While downloading p2p program the laptop security software should be installed that will give an alert message that it contains virus or spyware. The program should be downloaded only from reputed site and before downloading the term of service of that software should be read properly whether it contains any adware or spyware along with that software.

Only the work related persons should access the laptop computer. Others should not access it unless authorized to do so. The system should be provided with password and it should be changed periodically and employee should not disclose the password to anyone. Spyware virus removal for business is important in creating a secure internet environment for business transactions.

Back up is important for valuable data because the laptop hardware, software can fail at anytime. The computer hacker can alter or delete some data so it is safer to take a back up for important data. The Firewall should be installed, which will protect the data and files safely from hackers.

ith business being conducted on the move, and wireless connectivity becoming the norm security for wireless laptop and internet data security issues have become very important. Optimum deployment of laptop security software, educating and generating awareness among employees about spyware virus removal for business and other similar measures will go a long way in keeping your business transactions safe and free from hackers and viruses.


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