Whose faceboo profile you stalk/view the most?

Facebook users can not see who views their profile but vice versa is possible.

I know it sounds very trivial as you all will be already knowing that. But there can be some hidden surprises as in what Facebook thinks you are mostly stalking at. So lets go ahead

Here are the steps you need to follow :

1. Get your userid. If your profile link is of the format :
then SOME_NUMBER is your userid.

else if format is like this :
then goto this link

You will get some response, in that “id” will be your userid.

2. Now open this link in the browser :


Replace USERID with the userid you got in step 1

3. Now you will get huge response which will be in the JSON format. It basically will be an array of names,userids,image link,location and most
importantly INDEX of all your friends

It will be in ascending order of INDEX. Facebook maintains INDEX values for each of your friend. More the negative is INDEX’s value, more are you stalking/viewing/interacting/chatting with that friend.

You will find some exceptions also as facebook’s algorithm is still in developing stage and is bound to have some errors.

So now you can see whom are you stalking at :)


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