Top 10 BUZZWORDS of 2011

Here are top 10 buzzwords of 2011 :

1. Do it for Sachin

The factual anthem of the 2011 Cricket World Cup might have been the unimpressive track penned by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, but Team India clearly had only one anthem on their lips throughout the tournament – “We want to win it for Sachin”

2. Govind Tiwari

2011’s online sensation was in no doubt Govind Tiwari. The young man from Allahabad emerged from complete obscurity with his blog- that caught the imagination of India’s netizens.

3. I am Anna

If 2011 will be remembered for one reason in India it might well be the movement against corruption. In Anna Hazare, the common man found their hero. Even those who didn’t agree with his method had nothing but admiration for the cause.

4. Poschim Bongo

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee decided to leave her imprint by renaming the state as ‘Poshcim Bongo’.

5. i

2011 saw the passing away of several big names, but the most talked about amongst them all was Apple’s co-founder, chairman and CEO – Steve Jobs. He died from complications arising out of his long battle with pancreatic cancer.

6. Her Royal Hotness

Royal weddings were clearly the flavour of the year what with Kate and William, The Prince of Monaco’s marriage to an Olympic swimmer and The King of Bhutan’s wedding with a young beautiful commoner.

7. BayB

For a family that usually holds a grouse with the media, the Bachchans do their fair bit in encouraging the intrusiveness, so to speak. Amitabh Bachchan chose to go public on his Twitter stream with news of daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy and this triggered a whole gamut of wishes/ jokes/ one-liners on the impending Bachchan

8. Tihar

With scams and scandals being the order of the day, the most popular destination for India’s movers and shakers turned out to be Tihar Jail.

9. Kolaveri

The song was leaked onto the web and that was when its creators decided to come out with an official promotional video of it. In no time, ‘kolaveri’ went viral in cyberspace and garnered over 3 lakh hits within a week on Youtube. The track became a pan-Indian sensation after being shared umpteen times on social networking sites.

10. D K Bose

If the year ended with the nation humming Kolaveri, then it began with them asking D K Bose to run for it. The song ‘D K Bose’ belonged to the Aamir Khan production ‘Delhi Belly’ and though it sounded like a common Bengali surname it was also a play on a popular North Indian expletive.


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