Most Violent reality TV video

In past 24 hours, another video seems to have shot past Kolaveri, with nearly 3 million views at the time of writing this post and looks like it could get much bigger because the virality is international. Whoever uploaded the video erroneously titled it "Warriors of Goja" because I guess the word in the show's logo (Gurmukhi script) sort of resembles the English letters G-O-J-A. The group is in fact 'Bir Khalsa' and they've performed on larger platforms like India's Got Talent as well. However, this particular display of their 'talent', which is a mixture of the traditional 'Gatka' martial art and some other crazy strongman stunts, is really something else. A nationally broadcast channel would not have permitted this act, but I guess a regional station managed to get away with it in spite of blood on stage and a tacky handover of wads of currency notes at the end of the madness. Take a look


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