How to hack Myspace accounts.

Is your gf/bf cheatinging on you? Now, you can find out!

I am a UNIX Programmer and I have found a way to hack Myspace account and now I am going to tell you how.

The following is a Mysapce bug with some editing using C++.

First open your browser and type in the following in the adress bar


Replace ACCOUNT with the Myspace disply name of the victim you want to hack, and replace USERNET with your Myspace disply name.

This will tell the Myspace bot that the account has transfered servers and the account will be re-registered and the password will be sent to the adress the

E-mail origionated from, it also edits Myspace cookies to make you log in to your victims account.

If you get an error, it is normal don't panic.

Now, log in to Myspace using the link below to accuire your victims cookies (YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER)

If the above link does not work try again after a while, or you might have done something wrong re do everything and carfully read.

When you log in, You will be logged in to your account, Log out then when it returns you to

There will be the victims E-mail and Password waiting for you!

Just click log in

Now you have the truth.


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