How To Hack Any FaceBook Account – Introducing “The Freezer”

How To Hack Any FaceBook Account – Introducing “The Freezer”

How To Hack FaceBook Accts
Your FaceBook enemies will beg you to stop, as with this method you will be able to LOCK out any FaceBook account. What does Locking Out (aka. Freezing FaceBook Accounts) mean? Well it is a method that exploits FaceBooks weakness which allows you to block/ban any FaceBook account. Yes you have read it right. With this software you will be able to finally set your enemies straight. Its as simple as downloading the program, entering a few parameters and BAM – Your victim FaceBook account will be no longer usable, ever. Once an account has been frozen there is NO WAY to restore the account. Not even FaceBook moderators can preform such a task as the root problem is embedded in their coding. So until FaceBook coders fix their script we can all enjoy this simple yet powerful exploit.
In my previous article on Freezers, i mentioned about MSN and Youtube Freezers. I was asked by some readers to post about Facebook Freezer to hack facebook account and found one good Facebook freezer useful to hack Facebook account. I have mentioned about this Facebook freezer software download in this security article. This Facebook freezer, like other freezers, freezes victim Facebook account until you wish. One can also hack Facebook using Ardamax keylogger or Winspy keylogger as mentioned in my article Hack Facebook using Keylogger.

How does Facebook Freezer work??

Facebook Freezer software helps to hack Facebook account as it constantly tries to login to victim Facebook account by random password and thus, his Facebook account is locked. Thus, even when victim tries to login his Facebook account using correct password, he is not able to login to his Facebook account, thus you can hack Facebook account thanks to Facebook Freezer. This Facebook Freezer works cool on windows xp
and windows vista (even supports earlier version of windows).

Hack Facebook account by Facebook Freezer:

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