How To Hack Into Someones Computer

Hacking a computer can be a very useful and sometimes important skill to know. Weather you just need access an account of an untrustworthy person, or your son/daughter that you’re worried about, hacking into a computer is not necessarily always bad and sneaky. Nevertheless, it can be pretty complicated if you are not computer savvy. We have compiled a few resources for you to begin your process of learning :)
Before you start read THIS:
Hacking a computer can have pretty serious consequences, especially if done on a public or school computer. Please be aware that there are privacy laws protecting each personal computer.
So, How do I hack a computer? There are few things to consider before hacking a computer. What information are you looking to obtain? If you are in a need of read someones personal emails, chances are you most likely need to obtain a password to his online email inbox. There are many ways of doing this. Actually, we wrote an article with step-by-step instructions that can be found here: ( How to hack a password )
If you are looking to see who the person is talking to, you need to get a keylogger. I can’t tell you which one is the best as there are literally hundreds of companies selling keyloggers that help to hack a computer. Software to hardware based keyloggers will range from 15-30 dollars and they do the job. Make sure you’re purchasing from a trusted company and that they keylogger runs silently in the background to avoid detection.
A more simple approach to hack someones computer can be found in our PDF tutorial. If you are interested in this simple 10 min method then go ahead and download it below. The book is a little long but after reading it you can pretty much own any computer you like.
Download Tutorial:


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