How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Given that Mac keyboards do not have the PrintScreen button, Apple newbies may think that there is no way to take a screenshot. However, this could not be farther from the truth. There are many ways to do screen capture on any Mac computer.
Here are 4 ways to take screenshots on a Mac.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Screenshots can be done using the following shortcuts.
  1. For capturing the whole image on the screen, press command+ shift+ 3 and save it in a file.
  2. For capturing parts of the image present on the screen, press command+shift+4 and save it in a file.
  3. For capturing the whole image and saving it onto the clipboard, make use of command+control+shift+3.
  4. For capturing parts of the image and saving it onto the clipboard, make use of command+control+shift+4.

2. Grab Application

Apart from making use of the keyboard short cuts one can also make use of Grab application which is included with the Mac OS. You can find it located at /applications/utilities/grab.

3. Using a Scripting Command

The screen capture can be done using the scripting command as shown below,
Screencapture ~iw ~/Desktop/ screen.jpg
If you choose to make use of the screencapture option to take screenshots, there are a few limitations you need to know about;
  • Only the PDF format of file storage is available and storage of the file cannot be done in any other file format.
  • Automatic saving of the screenshots is done, and they are located on the desktop.
  • Cursor capture is not available.
  • Resolution of shots captured using screencapture cannot be changed.

4. Professional Software

Professional software like Snapz Pro X and Jing have many more options present in relation to capturing screenshots on a Macintosh Operating System.

Snapz Pro X

This software available for capturing data on the screen and it can be saved both as a screenshot or better a movie. The software also offers built in email facility. The features which make Snapz Pro X the best solution for capturing screenshots on a MAC OS Computer is its ease of operation through a user friendly interface.
There are many functional options available and the steps to be followed are not complex in nature. The screen shots can be stored as .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .pdf, .pict or even as Photoshop files. The image compression feature is good and the screenshots can be cropped, dithered, depth can of the image be changed and scaled.


Jing is great screenshot capture software which can be used in computers making use of the MacOS. All activities on the computer can be captured using Jing software and quick email facilities are available which make the Jing application well suited for business needs also.
Few features specific to Jing which make it the best choice amongst other screenshot software are emphasis can be made on the screenshots, instant sharing via hyperlink placed on clipboard for a screenshot, email and forum posting options available with Jing.
Jing is a great way to capture screenshots and visuals can be added to conversations in a quick efficient manner.


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