How to Close All Tabs From The Same Website In Firefox and Chrome

Many times while I am working online no matter if I am researching on Wikipedia, browsing Facebook pages or shopping for my next gadget, I often end up opening many pages of the same website. Opening multiple tabs helps my work go faster, but after I am done, I feel like closing all of them at once.
Indeed there are option in browsers like “Close tabs on the right” or “Close all but active,” but none of these solves the exact problem I have. If you are a Firefox or Chrome user, you can install the below mentioned add-ons to get this necessary feature right away.

Firefox Users

TabCloser is a simple add-on for Firefox, which integrates the feature to close all the tabs related to a single domain. If you are browsing through Firefox, download and install the TabCloser add-on and restart your browser.
firefox tab closer
Now, next time you launch Firefox, you will see an added option to the context menu when you right click on any of the active tabs. The option will be to “Close all <x> (hostname) tabs” where (hostname) is the name of the website that’s open and <x> is the no of tabs for the domain.
A dialog box will show up to confirm the action, and once authorized, all your selected tabs will be closed instantly.

Chrome Users

Close all tabs from a site is a nifty extension for Chrome, which adds an option to close the current tab, and all other tabs from the same site. Just download and install the add-on to Chrome and next time you want to complete that task just right click on any open page from the specific domain and select close other tabs from this site.
chrome tab closer
Note: Developer has modified the above add-on to introduce an option to close non-active other tabs from the same site leaving the one with focus.


These add-ons indeed come in very handy when you have to close too many open tabs from a specific website instantly. The only problem I see is that, if all the pages you have opened is from a single domain then the use of these add-on will close the browser all together.


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