How to Log In to Multiple Facebook Accounts


If you have noticed, you can never open more than one Facebook user
account simultaneously in any browser. One way around this is to use the private browsing feature, but this will only let you open 2 accounts at the same time and fails if you try to open any more.
What if you need to log into more? Well, this article will tell you how to log into many Facebook accounts with a simple script.

Installing the Script

If you are a Chrome user, you can use the script directly, but if you are on some other browser, make sure your browser has the necessary add-ons, like Greases Monkey is required for Firefox, before you proceed.
Once you have everything in place, install the Facebook Switch Accounts script in your browser and restart it.
If you login to your Facebook account now, you will see a new section at the top right panel named Switch Accounts. That’s the control panel that allows you to go from one account to the other.
Click on Add Accounts under the Switch Account menu and add all the accounts you work on simultaneously.
menuNow, all you have to do in order to switch accounts is click the Switch account button and select the nickname of the account you want to switch to.
add user
You can also edit and delete the accounts as well. To configure some advanced settings for the plugin, you can click on the Switch Settings and configure them as per your requirement.
switch settings
That’s all there is to it.  Switching between accounts will be extremely easy from now on.


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