How to View Private Facebook Profiles with Social Engineering

How to View Private Facebook Profiles with Social Engineering

Here at How to View Private Facebook Profiles, we have provided you with many different tips, tricks and hacks to view private facebook profiles. However, facebook tends to stay on the bleeding edge of security and fixes most bugs very quickly. Now, while many of our hacks still work to this day, other facebook viewing tricks have been patched. Even though many new bugs and tricks to view profiles on facebook will arise (and of course we will post every new facebook hack we can), we would like to share with you some tricks that will never get blocked. This of course is Social Engineering. And it is a great way to view private facebook profiles.
What is social engineering? It is a term that refers to getting someone to comply to your desires, without them necessarily knowing what they are, or your motives behind them.
Now why would you want to view someone’s facebook profile? This site (How To View Private Facebook Profiles) has been around for well over a year and from my experience, the number one reason people want to see the profiles is because they feel as though a spouse or a significant other is cheating on them and they want proof. Also, parents may want to check in on their children, or the people that their children are hanging out with. Other people just want to creep on a person of the opposite sex that they like and they’re fine with that.
So here are two methods of social engineering to get into someone’s private facebook profile.

The Facebook Message Approach

One of the easiest and quickest methods to viewing someone’s private facebook profile with social engineering is the message approach. Whenever you click on a person’s name you get three options: Add as Friend, Send a Message, and View Friends.
Click on Send a Message to message your victim.
1. Send them a message saying “Hey, this is bob and I met you in my algebra class.”
2. They might send you back a message telling you to get lost or something.
3. No matter what they say you will now have access to their limited profile.
Now you have access to their limited profile without adding them as a friend.
The next method takes longer but will get you access to their full profile.

The New Account Approach to Accessing Private Facebook Profiles

This is a band new way to access private facebook profiles that we have yet to mention. This is a very reliable way off getting access to somebody’s full facebook profile. The concept of this approach is basically to set up a profile in which your victim thinks you are actually someone that they know. Then they will, of course, add you, no questions asked.
The first step is to view your victims friends list. Find one of their friends that does not have a facebook default profile picture. This will most likely be a person that does not use facebook very often. What you do is create a new facebook account with the exact same name as the profile that does not have a default profile picture.
Once you have created that new account, go and add about 20 of your victims friends. Since they will most likely be mutual friends with both your victim and the account you are creating, they will most likely add you.
Now that you have an account that you know is one of your victems friends and you have about 20 mutual friends. Add your victim and tell him or her that this is your new facebook account. There will be no reason for him/her to not beleive you and he/she will add you.
Now, since you are friends with the victim you will have 100 percent complete full access to their profile on facebook. You have access to school information, employment information, videos, private photo albums and anything else she’s added to the fb account.
This is a great way to get around using the traditional hacks that require some technical knowledge to using some basic psychological principles and social engineering.


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