How To View Private Facebook Pictures

One of the biggest questions that we receive here at How To View Private Facebook Profiles .com is from facebook users that would like to see private users’s profile pictures and album Facebook pictures. We have covered this topic before with facebook hacks and tips, but there are many different scenarios with many different file permissions that you might wonder about. I will highlight the newest facebook hacks of 2011 that will help you view private facebook pictures.

View Hidden Facebook Photos and Tabs

Imagine that you want to view a persons facebook album pictures and you know that their photo album is public, but since you are not Facebook friends with this user, you cannot see the tab to allow you to see the picture. So it appears private to you.
If you want to view this facebook picture all you have to do is get to the tab, and you could see it. But the problem is that there is no tab to click. This is where a little javascript comes in handy to view private facebook pictures.
Simply bookmark this link (right-click then choose ‘add a bookmark’) and click the bookmark when viewing someone’s profile on Facebook who may or may not be your friend.
Now you can view their private facebook pictures. Simple, huh?
By the way here is the CSS code for your viewing,
javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body, ‘profile_two_columns’);tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})()

Grease Monkey Trick to View Facebook Private Photos

This facebook hack will add a link above facebook photos with a link saying “See this Photo in its Album”. Once you click the link you will be able to view the private facebook picture that you could not see before this.
When you are viewing facebook photos in an album the Greasmonkey script will add  an option “Back to the album” This will remove the private photo from the page and load a thumbnail gallery of all previously private facebook photos in the album
1.Greasmonkey addon for firefox
2.Facebook profile viewing script
1.First of all download Greasmonkey addon  and restart firefox
2.Install the Facebook profile viewing script

3.Click install and restart firefox. Now you’re done.

Other ways and how to’s on viewing private facebook pictures

You can use comments to view non-friend facebook pictures. This has to do with facebooks default security settings when you try to view private facebook photos.
You can also View Private Users Facebook Profile Picture. Being able to view this private picture was one of the first facebook hacks that How To View Private Facebook Profiles ever discovered. This is a classic.
By rearranging the URL link in the address bar when you are viewing facebook, you can easily get to a persons public photo albums. This is called Vewing a Private Users Photo Album.
Hope these tips and hacks helped you learn how to view facebook pictures of private users with private photo albums or more easily public picture albums. Also click here to learn how to hack someones facebook or view private facebook profiles.
P.S. If you want to see more than just facebook pictures, try reading our article on how to hack someones facebook
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