Crack Facebook Password

Crack Facebook Password

Facebook, along with a wide host and range in social and emailing web services, isn’t as secure as they’d have you believe. In July 2010, at the Black Hat computer security conference, a security expert demonstrated how a number of accounts could be compromised based solely on the patterns that had emerged by combing through hundreds of millions of users’ publicly accessible content.
Facebook is most vulnerable by its inherent nature; its social aspects. You won’t find that you can crack facebook password by some brute force attack at the front door. Instead, how to get someones facebook password, is a matter that’s more organic and simpler than you might even realize to Crack a Facebook Password and View Private Facebook Profiles.

But since we’re on the topic of the front door, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the fact that security conglomerates keep running statistics of the most commonly used passwords, and have kept these logs for decades. You may find that you don’t need to hack facebook password, and that a user could simply be lazy enough to set their password to “password” or “password1″. These lists are on the web and are easy to find.
That point mentioned, what you’ll likely have the most success with, in finding a way to hack facebook is by a means of hacking that’s been around since as long as hacking has: social engineering. This approach involves interacting with people, and coercing people, and using their sloppiness and willingness to share information against their own security. For example, due to the absolutely viral nature of the sharing information due by way of APIs, there are a number of back doors to Facebook profiles. You can take your pick. Do you want to draw up a list of profiles based on zip code? Easy: head to Twitter, run a search for the city of your choice, and add “4sq” to the string. This will lead you to a Foursquare profile, which in turn will lead you to a Facebook profile (which will likely be very active). From the places the person visits, you can determine what the best way to go about a facebook password hack is. That’s just one way you can social engineer your way through.
Of course, there are the more mechanical ways on how to hack a facebook password. Let’s take the hardware approach, such as going through a key logger. Although you can email a key logger over to a target, this is still a hardware approach, because we’re relying on the fact that the target will use hardware, i.e. the keyboard. But if the target doesn’t, if the target has all his passwords saved on a computer file, this approach, obviously, won’t work. The principle behind a key logger is simple enough. A logger records each and every key stroke, typos and all. After that it’s a relatively simple feat of running a search through the text file of the log for the Facebook URL ( and looking for a user password combination to follow shortly after to find facebook password.



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