How to Hack a TA-082 Motherboard for the PSP

The TA-082 motherboard used to be an unhackable motherboard used with the Sony PSP. Then a new device called a service battery was released. Prior to the use of a service battery, hacking a PSP entailed using an exploit found in a PSP game like with the game Wipeout. The service battery removed the need to exploit the motherboard in order to hack it. This meant the TA-082 could now have custom firmware installed onto it via the service battery. Once installed, custom firmware gave a lot more freedom to PSP users; it was easier to install media players and custom games.

Things You'll Need

  • Service battery
  • MMS
  • PSP charger
  • Normal PSP battery
1 Flip the PSP over and locate the small button on the back. This is the battery cover release button. Push in the button and remove the battery cover. You will see the battery inside without any restraints.

2 Pull the battery out of the PSP and slide the MMS into the PSP memory card reader on the side of the PSP. Insert the service battery into the empty battery space in the PSP and turn the PSP on to see a new menu.

3 Press the "X" button on the PSP controller to install custom firmware onto the PSP. There are three options here, selectable by pressing one of the buttons on the PSP. You also have the option of exiting if you do not want to install the new firmware, by pressing the "O" button on the PSP.

4 Remove the service battery and MMS from the PSP when the PSP turns off after the custom firmware installation completes.

5 Connect the PSP to a charger or insert a normal battery. Turn the PSP on and the PSP will run its newly installed software.


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