Tutorial to create DTree Menu

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DTree is a menu that be arranged like a tree. It will be like menu when you open "windows Explorer". It's very usefull if you have many posting (articel) in your blog. It can contain many link in small space. It will be like the below image :

Here's the step by step tutorial to create "DTree Menu" in blogger:

1. Login to Blogger, go to "Layout --> Edit HTML"
2. Put the code below over <head>

<link rel="StyleSheet" href="http://blogoholic.info/files/dtree/dtree.css" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://blogoholic.info/files/dtree/dtree.js"></script>

3. Save your editting.

4. Now edit end copy the below code then put on your sidebar.

<div class="dtree">
<script type="text/javascript">
d = new dTree('d');
d.add(0,-1,'My example tree');
d.add(1,0,'Node 1','link.html');
d.add(2,1,'Node 1.1','link.html');
d.add(3,2,'Node 1.1.1','link.html');
d.add(5,0,'Node 2','link.html');
d.add(6,5,'Node 2.1','link.html');
d.add(7,5,'Node 2.2','link.html');
d.add(8,0,'Node 3','link.html');
d.add(9,0,'Node 5','link.html');

Change "link.html" with your own link.
The first number must be unique (d.add(1,0,'Node 1','link.html');
The second number is child of the number (look at the color).

You can add the below code to add a new node with your own image


change "http://blogoholic.info/files/dtree/trash.gif" with your own image.
it will be like this :


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