Are you sure your password is safe ?

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Are You Sure Your Password is Safe?

Since the appearance of computers and the necessity of storing confidential information, passwords became part of our lives. But password  programs also appeared; as a ready to offer a solution for those hackers who were stopped by this barrier. At first, these programs were distributed between certain underground hacker groups.

But when the internet appeared, anyone could find programs for password hacking; passwords hackers popularized few softwares and soon it became mainstream among the computer community. Any user can insert the keywords 'how to hack a password' in any search engines and he will find tons of information that can help him.

Passwords and How to Obtain Them

A password is a combination of characters that a user uses for protecting information. Once a file or a determined section of a hard disk is protected by a password, only those that know it can access it. Although passwords have existed for thousands of years, they have adapted perfectly to the computer era.

If you consider how much money you can make for knowing the correct combination of characters of a determined portal, then it is no wonder that password hackers proliferated.

How Hacking Of Passwords Is Achieved

Password hack can be performed in several ways. The most common used tool is social engineering. Social engineering consists in making a user believe that he is giving confidential information to a trusted party. For example, a cracker could pose as a system administrator from another country and ask for some personal information that could be considered irrelevant by the user. It's quite probable that that information was the last piece of the puzzle required by the cracker for acquiring the password of the user.

Another way of Hacking password is through a hash function. A hash function is a program that transforms a determined password into a fixed length string. For example, if you have the password foxtrot1256, the hash function will transform it into a key, something like DG65HKSDLK43545SSDFEE232AQQQ10. Some programs use determined artifices for finding the password hidden inside the key.

Since computing power increased, the brute force attack became another choice for cracking passwords. How does it work? Well, it basically tests different kinds of character combinations until it finds the correct one. The problem with this method is that if the password is too long, then the brute force attack won't prosper, at least during a reasonable spam of time. In this kind of situations, it is better to use social engineering to find out the password.


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