How To Avoid Computer Viruses?

Computer viruses are as old as the personal computer. So, in order to prevent computer viruses, every PC user needs to acquire determined computer skills. For example, how to install programs, make software upgrades, configure a firewall or how to setup an anti-spyware program.
All of these skills will help you avoid computer viruses. However, if we want to fight our enemy effectively, we need to know what it is.
What Is A Computer Virus?
A computer virus is a software program that has been created by a human. The intention of the virus is to cause chaos and destruction to the computer. Although most of the cases it is limited to the software, there have been some instances in which a virus had damaged a piece of hardware.

Fortunately, hardware damage is very scarce. The only way in which a virus could damage a piece of equipment is by exploiting a glitch in the programming. For example, it could slow down the speed of the processor's fan. That way the processor overheats and melts down.
How To Prevent Computer Viruses
How can we prevent computer viruses is the big question that millions of users make everyday. The first rule in this eternal battle for computer security is to have an up-to-date antivirus. Notice the word up-to-date. That means that your antivirus software needs to be updated every day. Viruses are always appearing, so do not sub estimate them. In less than 24 hours your antivirus could be obsolete.

The next important rule is still related to actualizations. Although you may have your antivirus updated, that doesn't mean that there are other weaknesses in your system. As a matter of fact, there isn't an unbreachable computer. Even the most expensive system can be cracked by an expert.

So, it doesn't matter if you have a guardian dog tied at the front entrance of your house if your windows are open. That's why the rest of your software needs to be updated. The first piece of software that needs to be actualized is the operating system.

Almost eighty percent of the world uses Microsoft software. Hence, it is the favorite victim of black hat hackers. Configure your Windows configuration so it can make automatic actualizations that can prevent computer viruses.

The same thing goes for productivity software like Microsoft Office or even entertainment software like computer games. All software is under constant changes once it is delivered into the market. Consider the millions of possible configurations that a computer program needs to affront once it is introduced.


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