Steve Jobs: Android is a stolen idea!

Nexus and iPhone
We are somehow sure that the upcoming biography of Steve Jobs will reveal many interesting facts and ideas valuable and intriguing to Apple users and fans. Author of this biography, Walter Isaacson was authorized by Steve Jobs himself to write this biography, as Jobs wanted to reveal more about himself to his family and his friends as wells as to all Apple users and fans.
Isaacson has released an excerpt to the public where Jobs revealed hist thoughts about HTC and its iPhone like products. His deep impression was that HTC stole ideas and solutions from Apple to launch their own smartphone contender. Jobs reaction to this was very emotional and he claimed that he will do whatever necessary to fight this. He has gone even so far as to promise that he will finally destroy Android, because it is a theft from Apple.
Jobs has told to Google CEO Eric Schmidt that he isn’t interested in getting money from Google. Money is not what Apple wants no matter the sum offered. Jobs main goal was to stop Android exploiting Apple’s ideas.
If you are following the developments in this continuous fight between Apple and Android you will known that the legal battle is continuing with law suits and counter law suits between Apple on one side and HTC, Samsung and other Android device manufacturers quietly supported by Google on the other side.


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