Why Do Iranians Have Duplicate Facebook Accounts?

Violation of Facebook Terms and Conditions
Got your eyes on the second point? These points have been listed on the Terms page of Facebook and it clearly says that you can not create more than one profile on Facebook. However after a personal experience I could infer that there are millions of Fake profiles on Faceboook. So why do people create fake profiles? I have listed some points in a previous post but I forgot to mention this in my previous post: Facebook is blocked in Iran and activities of Iranians are being watched closely by some activists.
Iran had banned its citizens from using Facebook as they suspect people from engaging into anti-state activities. Despite this people have found out ways to circumvent the block as Facebook is addictive.  The authorities send friend requests to people whom they suspect of engaging into anti-state activities just to track their activities, so beware if you are an Iranian you need to be careful in accepting friend requests.
Houshang Fanaian had been a year old member of Facebook when he was imprisoned for posting soe news against the arrest of Bahais on his Facebook Page. According to Radio Free Europe, he had previously been sentenced for acting against national security and “insulting the country’s supreme leader” because of his religious activism.
Use of Facebook for protests is nothing new as it had always been the best way to support a cause or to revolt against a national decision.  A previous protest in February to support the Arab uprising attracted tens of thousands of Iranians to the streets and since then, the organizers of those events are under house arrest. Apart from this University students are also being questioned for posing in an unusual fashion in photos which were posted in Facebook as they were considered immoral by some people.
The solution which the Iranians preferred is to create fake profiles on Facebook. They have one profile with their own name and the other profile is used to post about state politics, the poor condition of the economy, lack of freedom and other grievances. This is perhaps the easiest way to trick those authorities who are having a close watch on their personal profiles.
But as you have seen in the image above, Facebook does not allow creation of more than one profile. Though these terms are overlooked by Iranians, would this be a permanent solution?
Should Facebook let people create more than one account?


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