How to hack into Twitter And Steal Password

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Come and discover how evil hackers hack into Twitter accounts. Personally, I think Twitter is probably one of the most ridiculous and unsafe micro-blogging platforms in the World Wide Web today. Believe me when I say that it is not really hard to hack into Twitter accounts! What do you have to do in order to hack into Twitter accounts? Read on to find out but don't you dare try it!

How to hack into Twitter

Password Cracking

How to hack into Twitter

The easiest way to hack Twitter also happens to be the oldest hacking trick in the book that goes back to the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs and Moses (he was a Prophet, don’t laugh). Use brute force attacks to crack Twitter passwords and hack accounts. A brute force attack tries all possible passwords (starting with 500 common passwords and then using password dictionaries), it is time consuming but it is bound to crack passwords sooner or later. Brute force attacks can be done manually or remotely by using password-grinding software (custom made).

Password Phishing

This is immensely time consuming and I do wonder why idiots resort to such hacking method to hack Twitter.

Create a phishing site to steal Twitter passwords from unsuspecting Twitterers and make your phishing site look exactly like Twitter. You may then create multiple (literally hundreds!) new Twitter accounts and mass follow Twitterers that have the following criteria:
  1. They have lots of followers and follow lots of other Twitterers.
  2. They follow and use stupid Twitter 3rd-party apps such as Twollow that allow Twitterers to auto-follow followers.

Twitterers that meet the above criteria normally reciprocate Twitter follows and will follow those who follow them. Once they have followed you, you can send them private messages or direct messages with links (use short URLs for maximum effect; Twitterers should learn how to kill short URLs) to your phishing site straight to their inboxes, phones and emails (only possible if they set their direct message text and email notifications to ON). To make your job easier, you can use 3rd-party apps such as Tweet Manager that allow you to send mass messages to other Twitterers.

Once you have their passwords, Twitter is at your mercy.


I managed to gather all of the information after closely observing the current Twitter phishing (learn how to protect yourself from Twitter phishing scams/attacks) and hacking crises that caught Twitter and their users with their pants down and balls hanging.

Security Tips:

Twitter users should learn something from such horrible crises. They should be more careful with their passwords, they must learn to create and use strong or secure passwords that meet the following standard guidelines:
  1. Passwords must include numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters.
  2. Password length should be around 12 to 14 characters (minimum 6 on Twitter).
  3. Do not use repetitive words, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, usernames, pet names etc. as passwords.

Fellow Twitter users, be careful out there!


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