How To Change Colour Of Facebook

Trick on How To Change Colour Of Facebook
Most of us have our profiles on facebook and many of us login into our facebook accounts daily.Aren’t you get bored of same old facebook features.If you want something refreshing then I have a facebook trick for you.By using this simple trick we will change the colour of the facebook.You can select any colour of your choice.
This trick has following Requirements
  • Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Greasemonkey
  • Facebook Script
I will be providing you the links and instructions for the Greasemonkey and facebook Script.So here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots for trick to change the color of facebook.
  1. Open firefox browser.If you donot have you can download it here
  2. Now install the greasemonkey add0n into your browser by clicking here.
  3. After installation is complete restart your browser.
  4. Install the facebook script by clicking here.
  5. Now open facebook and login into your facebook account.
  6. Now goto Tools>Greasemonkey>Userscript Commands>Customise Facebook Colours.
  7. You will now see to boxes with colours.Select the colour you want and click on Set button
  8. And that’s it.
If you also know any other cool facebook tricks of 2011 then do share with our readers.


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