Password Stealer Tool To Hack E-Mail Account Passwords

E-Mail / Windows Live MSN Messenger Password Hacker Tool

I'm writting this article to show you an eMail / Windows Live Password Stealer Tool - Ref Stealer. I have already explained about Keylogging to hack email account passwords, where you have to send your keylogged file to victim. In the same way, Ref Stealer can be used to hack email account password and find passwords of various emails.

Ref Stealer - E-Mail Password Stealer / Hacker Tool

This E-Mail Password Stealer is used to steal all stored passwords on victim computer. When victim opens our sent E-Mail Password stealer on his computer, the password stealer searches for all saved passwords on victims computer and then simply sends those saved passwords along with user ids to you via email. Thus, you are now equipped with victim email, ids and passwords and can easily hack his email accounts.

This password stealer works for all available email accounts.

How to Use Ref Stealer?

1. First of all download Ref Stealer from here.

2. Run "Ref Stealer.exe" file to get something like this:

3. Now, fill in your Gmail Username and password. Assign name to the server as you want. Hit On "Gmail Check" to check whether you've entered Gmail id and password correctly. If you receive an email, you've done it right and now hit on "Build" to get server.exe ie password stealer server created in current directory.

4. You can bind this password stealer server to any file using Binder software and send this file to the victim. Read my post "Learn What is Binder and How to Use It for Hacking" for more info and to download a free Binder tool.

5. Once the victim runs our sent binded file on his computer, windows live password stealer will search for all stored passwords and send you email containing all user-ids and passwords like this:

6. Now you have all victim email passwords in your inbox and you can now hack victim email accounts easily.

This password stealer server is detected as virus during runtime. But, its 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable) during scantime. So, you can use Crypter / Binder to get rid of antivirus detection.


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